Can you answer these questions?

Let me ask you a few questions, questions that I am not as much looking for an answer as just making us think.

If you could have the thing you most desire but it would be at the expense of a friend’s well being would you do it anyway? OK you caught me, I was watching Jerry Springer for a few minutes today (don’t judge me) and there were two women fighting over one skinny man who even though he was young didn’t have a tooth in his head… I mean a lot of people have dental problems but if I was toothless I think I would at least buy myself some choppers, or as the Bible calls them, grinders, but I digress (I love that line, it’s said by “Ma” often on the old sitcom The Golden Girls), these “ladies” were fighting over this guy, I mean slapping each other up side the head and their voices never went under the level of a scream. Come to find out these two women were cousins for crying out loud! One was in a relationship with him, so the other goes out and buys a new headlight kit for his car and some type of alcohol, end of story he get’s tipsy, she kisses him and of course how can you not have intercourse? Just doing what comes naturally, right? Well her cousin didn’t think so, then the interloper in the relationship seals the deal by telling the world that he sent her a picture of his, yes, his private parts! I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or throw up and the audience went wild. I was stunned. She said she had always wanted him so she had planned the whole thing, maybe she thought it was really love when he sent her that loving picture.  The next group (yes I was now hooked on this human debauchery) was a woman who was married to one guy and had been having sex with his brother, then the girl who was praying that her brother was not the father of her baby. MY GOD how low will people sink to satisfy a simple earthly lust!?

Does someone that has authority over you either spiritual or otherwise have the right to intimidate you into doing something that you not only feel uncomfortable about but also feel it would be immoral? No a thousand times no! I remember the story of Tamar who was a very beautiful virgin Princess, sister of Absalom the most handsome son of King David. Absalom’s brother Amnon fell desperately in love with her and called her to his “sick” bed where he raped her! 2Samuel 13:20 Her brother Absalom said to her, “Has your brother Amnon had his way with you? Now, my dear sister, let’s keep it quiet—a family matter. He is, after all, your brother. Don’t take this so hard.” Tamar lived in her brother Absalom’s home, bitter and desolate.” After he raped her, the Bible says that he hated her as much as he had ever loved her and had her thrown out of the house in disgrace. At that time he could have actually married her as a half sister but instead he chose to dishonor her. It was a terrible thing that ended in disaster because King David didn’t discipline him and Absalom took matters in his own hands by planning a party, getting Amnon drunk and then having him killed! No one has permission to ruin your life and even worse if they take the name of God in their mouth to do it then judgment is on them not on you.

Are you a hypocrite? Want the definition just to make sure? OK…

1. A person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess; especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.

2. A person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.

Do I know any? I grew up in churches where hypocrites thrive and grow. It isn’t God’s fault, it is because people find a place they can pretend to be something they aren’t and usually no one challenges them. I know people who have honey dripping from their lips if they are talking to you in front of others, but run into them where no one sees and what you get are icicles, is that true friendship? Or people who act Godly in front of others and out from the church unsheathe the sword of their tongue to do damage that can’t be undone. Do you see yourself in any of that?

When asked what the most important commandment was Jesus answered, Matthew 22: 37-40 “‘Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence.’ This is the most important, the first on any list. But there is a second to set alongside it: ‘Love others as well as you love yourself.’ These two commands are pegs; everything in God’s Law and the Prophets hangs from them.”

IMG_1263Do you have thoughts on any of these questions or statements? Me? Yes, I am guilty of everything until I accept the cleansing blood of Jesus then I am as blameless as a newborn babe, and you?

8 Replies to “Can you answer these questions?”

  1. I feel bad for taking all those Xanax but Shannon has always been scared of Bishop Alan , me I’ve never feared him I know he is simply a man God chose to teach his word , I shouldn’t have hit you up last night but I was so scared after Rick and chad and lisa said some things to me after 32 yr. of marriage you would think all would be well but he has a problem his self right now and he don’t feel well still how ever he is going back to work and soon this thing that he is battling will pass and so will mine !!! his cousin killed himself last week and Rick thinks he is in hell he had the beginning of dimension and lost so took a shot gun and put it under his chin and pulled the trigger so just pray for us we need it bad love ya Renee


    1. You got it sweetheart!! I love you and understand. I will pray for Rick! Thanks for leaving a comment !❤️


  2. Since I am my Mom’s ‘care-giver’, I am often ‘stuck’ watching the Soap operas that she has been ADDICTED TO for many, many years. If Jerry Springer gets some SICK stories, you should see some of the stuff on these Soaps! The sad part, I guess, is that the Soaps are “make-believe” and Springer’s guests are really that disgusting! But the thing that BREAKS my HEART — and I am SURE it breaks GOD’s Heart as well(!) — is the number of people who WATCH these stories…and CHEER and SUPPORT so much of this behavior!
    But to your first question, I would HOPE to NEVER do something for my own gain that would hurt someone else! Yet I know that I HAVE done things that DID hurt others, or at least caused them to have to “clean up after me” in some way. Whether it was simply a broken promise, or ‘forgetting’ to do something, or even something I knew ahead of time I could not fulfill.
    As for hypocrisy, that is REALLY a tough one. Almost every day, on my job, I would have to “Pretend” to be happy and carefree to my co-workers and customers/clients…even if I was sad and hurting inside, or sick and feeling awful. And I have often felt human doubts and questions about my own Faith, and have FELT hypocritical as I tried in my own human strength to “keep up appearances” in spite of my internal feelings. As active as I am on FaceBook political and social sites, and blogs, I have to constantly “proof-read’ and edit what I write before I hit that “post” button to be sure I have not allowed my human frustration or even anger to show thru over my actual Love for God and Country! While I KNOW you can NEVER convince someone to understand your message — ESPECIALLY if you are trying to tell them about GOD’s LOVE(!) — if you speak to them in anger or with insults! (-;
    So where is the line between “self-discipline” and hypocrisy..?
    What about those times when you are put into a position where you are ‘required’ to witness about GOD and Salvation when you are in the midst of a time of questioning, or even ‘frustration’ in your Spiritual Relationship…? Do you turn the person away…or witness to them and tell them things that you are struggling with yourself…?


    1. Good points as usual Floyd, I value you opinion… You’re not just another beautiful voice!😄❤️


  3. Good word, Sister. Well said and I appreciated the genuine “love.” We will know IF we’re His disciples by our ‘love.’ Especially the words behind our backs! Personally, I love you to your face AND behind your back! (((hugs))) Keep speaking the truth (preach it too) 😉


    1. You’re just a doll yourself my beautfiul friend! Thank you! There has been too much heart ache in the name of the Lord just my opinion! I love you guys and praying… ❤


      1. Thank you. I so agree and I am counting on your prayers! Love and (((hugs)))


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