So gotta talk about the Grinch!

The-Grinch-Mugshot-66012A couple of year’s back something happened that royally ticked me off and I wrote about it in “the Greedy Grinch”. In case you didn’t read it I am going to quickly remind you before I say what I have to say, that OK with you? My dad had a big heart and if a person kind of got “on his sympathy” he would do things to help them out which translates as giving them a “piece of money”. There was a guy that would come to church on Wednesday night and daddy would hand a $20. dollar bill to me and ask me to hand it to him after service, if I wasn’t close he would ask one of the ushers until this fellow started coming up to the table where my dad sat and ministered and would hold his hand out. Now that already offended me and I would tell my dad that he was being taken the advantage of. His answer was always “That’s alright, God knows all about it.” Two years ago at the Wednesday night service before Christmas the guy came up to daddy and held out his hand, daddy handed him a $20. and the guy looked at it and said, “Since it’s Christmas I would have thought you could have made it $100.” Daddy was in the process of driving his cart back down the aisle and didn’t turn around or comment. When I got him all hooked up in the van I asked if he had heard what “Grinch” had said, he answered, “Yes I heard him and so did God.”
When it is an act of compassion it is freely given and it always makes me feel good to do something nice for a person, but to feel taken the advantage of is another story completely and now the rest of the story…
I was working this morning I decided instead of watching one more news show and my mother was still asleep I would turn on my ITunes to enjoy the music I have bought or downloaded from CDs. There were a few uplifting spiritual tunes then a tune started, I had to stop and think, didn’t recognize it at first, don’t even remembering putting it on my list but obviously I had, a woman begins talking about watching her house burning down when she was a child, then her dad takes her to the circus, then she falls in love, and then it comes time to die…are you with me yet, or too young to remember? The same refrain repeats after each event, “Is that all there is? Is that all there is? If that’s all there is my friend then let’s keep dancing…” I’ll quit the quote there, but the point is that she was disappointed with everything in life, nothing was ever as bad or as grand as she had imagined it would be. So when it came time to die she was not ready for her “final disappointment”. You may think that sounds negative, and that it is… NOW I can tell you what I thought of. There was a lady who was a guest in our home, matter of fact it was my grandfather’s 3rd wife (he out-lived the first two) and so I was doing everything I could to make sure she was well entertained. She had expressed a desire for a certain type of pie and I knew where I could find it but it was at a place in downtown Atlanta…so I got her in the car, took her to this fine establishment, bought lunch and pie, took her to a department store and bought an expensive bottle of perfume and when we started home (my sister and mother were witnesses) she made a cardinal mistake with me, she stated “I am so disappointed!” I didn’t say anything out of respect to my Pop but later that night I overheard (yes I was eavesdropping) her tell him that we had forced her to eat a piece of pie that was too rich and it had made her sick! Talk about self-control, I had to use it for real! What’s the point of this rant? It is US as a people! We are all ungrateful to God for the good things He has done but quick to complain when something goes wrong and we have to ask for proof of His existence! I am glad I’m not God, no telling what I would do… well you can all relax and be grateful that I am an ordinary human with no powers to bring retribution for our piggish, Grinch behavior! And by the way… here’s my daily Merry Christmas! Really!

4 Replies to “So gotta talk about the Grinch!”

  1. Hee Hee- It seems I said those same words to Lynne today as I was complaining about people.”I’m glad I amk not God, no telling what I would do”. It had to do pretty much with your same line of thought you were following. People do things that make you wondered where their brain is or what were they thinking. Ours was about people that we & othes have helped who seem to think it is our destiny to serve them so they can have what they want o matter what it cost those around them. Your Dad’s comments & actions are correct. When you do things with an open heart full of love & compassion no matter what the person says or does God knows your heart & He knows theirs.Some day that person is going to arrive at a “Come to Jesus Meeting” & I would not like to be in their shoes. I told Lynne to think about this fact. All the people we know, who we trust & admire. Many are truly Christians & do their best for God. But in times of judgement could they hionestly judge their fellow man or family membe without bias or second thoughts? God will judge us as He sees us in His eyes, He will show no prejudice, no favorites, & will be void of compassion. We will,be judged by His laws & ways. I am glad I am not Him. In my natural stste I do not have the ability. In a glorified way I would not have the desire either. Judgement is going to be really somehting for all no matter where we stand.


  2. sorry for the typos, still haven’t found that good computer that knows how to spell all the time every time. But you are smart & you can read through it all. Thanks


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