Lord Help Me!

pic06654[1]Larry Gatlin wrote a song recorded by Johnny Cash and one we sang so many times, named simply, “Help Me.” Part of the lyrics went like this: “Lord, Help me walk another mile, just one more mile; I’m tired of walkin’ all alone. Lord, Help me smile another smile, just one more smile; You know I just can’t make it on my own”. 

If you read the Psalms, you find many times that the Psalmist David said these words, over and over again. Oh I know they sound different, but these words capture the heart of the writer. As I have been going through boxes of old pictures and looking at faces smiling at me of relatives, long gone, and children who are grown and have children of their own, it almost depressed me. On top of that I stood and watched as the car my mother took such good care of for the last decade she drove drive out of our driveway for the final time. It had been gathering dust bunnies and spider webs for four years so it was time to let someone have it that really needed to use it.

The song made famous by the Righteous Brothers says “Time goes by so slowly and time can do so much…” the true part of that is that time can do so much, the slowly part, not so much. Job 7:1-6 “Human life is a struggle, isn’t it? It’s a life sentence to hard labor. Like field hands longing for quitting time and working stiffs with nothing to hope for but payday, I’m given a life that meanders and goes nowhere—months of aimlessness, nights of misery! I go to bed and think, ‘How long till I can get up?’ I toss and turn as the night drags on—and I’m fed up! My days come and go swifter than the click of knitting needles, and then the yarn runs out—an unfinished life!”  It sounds to me like Job was the epitome of depression! It is easy to let yourself slip into that familiar “robe” of depression. I am convinced that when Satan was defeated as Jesus died on the cross and then rose again, he looked around for something that would defeat the body of Christ in a manner that would catch us “off guard” to the point that we would just be overcome with this damned thing and wilt like a flower that needs water! There are OBVIOUS things that he could bring to us, but we recognize obvious and therefore we could ignore him or tell him to go on back to his home (hell) and leave us alone! BUT…this depression thing is meant to kill us without us ever raising our hand to stop him.

So do you see how we have to handle this? The devil is like a wasp that comes in on us while we are doing our every day chores, lands right on your head (in your mind) and if you don’t “brush him off” you will find yourself stung with thoughts of suicide, worthlessness, feeling that you have made all the wrong choices for your life and feeling like “it is all over for you”… if you are feeling like this then stand up, shake your fist in the devils face and tell him that “you have overcome him by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of your testimony” Revelations 12:11, and your testimony should be “Satan I don’t have to fight you, you are defeated by the Blood of Jesus and I know that no matter how bad things look, they will all work together for my good because I love the Lord and I am the called according to His purpose by the Word of God in Romans 8:28!”  Also I am asking you to read Psalm 30…the whole chapter, but I will give you one piece of verse 5 which says…”weeping may endure for the night, but JOY comes in the morning!” AMEN!   


One Reply to “Lord Help Me!”

  1. My Mother taught me the value of Psalms 30:5. To her when the dark clouds rolled it & she went to her knees in prayer she said she always knew it wouldn’t be long before dawn came to roll them away. And when that happened God would replace her tears & pains with joy. peace & direction for her life. She said that in times like these all you have to do is trust the Lord for He has promised to always stand with you no matter what the battle. I have found that so true & because of her confidence in the Lord & my belief in her walk with the Lord I have found it to be my map to victory no matter the battle. Dec 17, 1944 we were in Tucson. At 3am the Lord woke Mother from a sound sleep with the sound of her brother crying her name yelling for her to pray for him. She prayed all night & all the next day before she got relief. Later we learned her brother was in the 106th Army & they were the first one to be hit by the Germans during the Battle of the Bulge. He was captured some three hours after the fighting started as they ran our of ammo & were overpowered. That afternoon the Germans marched them about 5 miles east from the actual area of the fighting.& started dividing them into three groups. One was all officers then the other two were just enlisted men. This young German officer came over & told my Uncle to follow him. He moved him from one group to the other & just smiled at him. A short time later my Uncle’s group had marched down the road several miles when all of a sudden they heard all kinds of guns firing & some screams. The Germans had killed all the men in the other group. That same evening my Mother told my Dad my Uncle was alive & God had him in His hands. She called her Dad in Ohio & told him what the Lord had shown & told her. Uncle was released in May 1945 from Stalag9B in Bad Orb & spent almost one year in the hospital before he came home. When he & Mom compared time notes they matched within minutes of the time it happened over there & when she hit the floor praying for him. The word about him being safe was shortly after the second group had been massacred. The Germans who ordered the shooting were tried & convicted & executed after the war. Like Mom always said no matter how dark the cloud, pray in faith believing till God shows you the dawning of the new day. God bless.


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