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Thank you for stopping by for a visit! If you read my thoughts you will see that I am sometimes serious, at other times sappy or funny, occasionally I am sad and sentimental, but I am always sincere! I am a single mother who raised two children, born ten years apart and different sexes so first it was bows and dolls, pretty dresses and boys! When my son was born it was rough and tumble games, baseball, soccer, wrestling and girls! I am known for my "smile" and for my default answer to any situation, "no problem", which was something I didn't realize I did until it was pointed out to me! I am a moon watcher and a star gazer. I am astounded and feel so small knowing that every creature that has ever walked the face of this earth has gazed upon that same beautiful orb that my eyes can behold on any night when the earth is not wearing her cloak of clouds. My parents have made me the person that I am. Their love, veracity in all areas of life, humor and passion for their work and each other have given me hope that my life can actually be a happy one! Chances are if you are reading this you already know all this but again, I appreciate your stopping by! While you're here hit the "Like" button for me and thanks for checking in!

Guess which line I used!

Today I saw something interesting, a person put up a post that said, “Is there a line from a movie that lets us know what the movie is?”  I read through them and sure enough even though I had not … Continue reading

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Trust me you Idiot!

I was talking to my son and asked him if he had an idea for the blog tonight, he immediately said, “Yes I do, write, “Trust me you idiot”! OK that sounds a little brash but knowing his mother I … Continue reading

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What is it really?

Happiness, what is it? It is a fuzzy concept and can mean many things to many people. One psychologist, Martin Seligman, gave five things that seems to cause happiness, they are 1. Pleasure (tasty foods, warm baths, etc.), 2.Engagement (or flow, … Continue reading

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It just doesn’t matter!

I have said it before, this is not a re-run, everyone has an opinion, everyone is right and everyone else is wrong. I may make a statement or have a thought that you violently disagree with, that’s ok, and I … Continue reading

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Do they have souls?

It happened again today and I was extremely upset. I went to pick up the debris the men who pick up our trash had left scattered all over the driveway, including broken light bulbs and went back in the house … Continue reading

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Life is like an Ice Cream Sundae

There is an ice cream flavor, I can’t remember the name but the base flavor is creamy vanilla and it has ribbons of caramel and dark fudge running through it. Those ribbons of flavor are thick and rich and make … Continue reading

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Now the day is over

It is with mixed emotions that I sit here and write at this moment. I am sad my dad is not with us physically, I am happy he is in heaven and watching over me, I am happy for all … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day

One of the saddest days of my whole life was May 8, 2013, the day my dad finished his mission on this earth. His desire was to show people who God was, to show that He is a God of … Continue reading

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What, me worry?

The slogan “A Mind is a terrible thing to waste,” has remained unchanged for more than three decades and has become part of the American vernacular. When you are in a ministry you see and hear people of all types and … Continue reading

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I Love You

This coming Sunday, June 18, is the day we honor our Fathers and I already have something in mind I wanted to publish about him, but you can’t help what happens while you are asleep so I have to tell … Continue reading

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