Just point a hand in my direction!

For the past few weeks I have watched various programs that have had Valerie Harper on to talk about the cancer she has in her brain and the fact that she has only about three months to live. You are probably going to hate me for what I am about to say, I will risk it, but she seems almost too “bright”, her wide smile forced and her cheerful talk concerning her own demise just seems like a gimmick instead of, what I am sure, is a very sad time in her life. I was talking about that with a friend who stated the fact that she would definitely not want to know about it if she had some fatal disease that was about to take her to an early grave. Stepping aside for a moment I will say this, as a people we have become jaded by things that brought tears to our eyes only to find out it was a rouse. Recently there was a young woman who pretended to have cancer even her fiancé didn’t know the truth, in order to get her wedding and honeymoon paid for in full, she even shaved her head! You know you have become cynical when you hear the report that someone that was a gospel superstar a few years back but whose career is more than faded has been diagnosed with cancer and has “three to four years” to live! The next statement was that he wants everyone who can possibly get to his concerts to come because he is going to personally lay hands on and pray for everyone, he lost me right there. I have seen my dad pray for people when he was in his prime until the sweat would pour down his face mingled with his tears and he would be so wet at the end of the service my mother would have to get him a change of clothes. There were no “dressers” to help him he just went into the church bathroom that was before the days when preachers had nice offices with bathrooms in them, and change his clothes. I would pick up his Bible and it would be almost as wet as he and he would be so tired that he wouldn’t even eat when he got home. My dad was a healthy former weight lifter who could do anything and fifty to one hundred people would tire him and you’re telling me that this person who has cancer covering their body is going to do this? My question is if he is trying to amp up his ticket sales or you know I am going to stop right there, enough said, you can tell I need prayer on this matter. I say we will wait and see. I can’t stand a fraud and I was one myself a few years back, not on purpose but because I had shaved my head for the sheer shock value of it when I was putting groceries into the back of my van and having a little struggle with something a lady who was many years my senior came rushing to help me! She had tears of compassion in her eyes as she helped me lift my things into place. Wow, I wanted to die of shame and embarrassment at fooling this sweet woman who walked away feeling as if she had done a really good deed.  As we go into Easter week we know that Jesus left the golden halls of heaven to be born of two inexperienced young people in a barn. His destiny was always to die on the cross, to become the sacrificial lamb to atone for our sins on the Mercy Seat of God. The veil that was torn as He died opened the way for us to have direct access to the very throne of God, to never have to go through a High Priest because we have a High Priest in Jesus that is at the throne interceding for us constantly. Imagine knowing as you walked on the shores of the sea, went from place to place healing the lame, the blind and cleansing the lepers, that your one purpose in life was to let yourself be beaten beyond recognition and then hung naked on a cross forsaken by the Father who sent you and the humans you were giving your life for, not a pleasant thought is it? But this was planned from the foundations of the world and prophesied by Isaiah 53:5 “He was looked down on and passed over, a man who suffered, who knew pain firsthand. One look at him and people turned away. We looked down on him, thought he was scum. But the fact is, it was our pains he carried—our disfigurements, all the things wrong with us. We thought he brought it on himself, that God was punishing him for his own failures. But it was our sins that did that to him, that ripped and tore and crushed him—our sins! He took the punishment, and that made us whole. Through his bruises we get healed.”  He died so that we would not have to dread death but look forward to eternal life with Him!

Just so you know, if and when I am proven wrong about the “cancer patient” I will gladly apologize to you for judging him harshly!

4 Replies to “Just point a hand in my direction!”

  1. You wouldn’t feel it but I’ve wasted all day digging for some articles about this. You’re a lifesaver, it was an excellent read and has helped me out to no end. Cheers!


  2. You wouldn’t believe it but I’ve wasted all day digging for some articles about this. You are a lifesaver, it was an good read and has helped me out to no end. Cheers!


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