The Bible Said WHAT?

ImageI had a little fun with this one! I thought of a scripture today that I just don’t think the majority of Christians, much less the population in general, live by! It is Matthew 7:12 Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets. After I put it on my status I thought of all the things we think are in the Bible that are not! Some teasingly say “Do unto others as others have done unto you!” or “before they can do unto you” and maybe to someone who doesn’t know it sounds familiar enough for them to think, “Yes I am sure I have read that in the Bible!” You have also read, “God couldn’t be everywhere so He made mothers.” You probably had that one in Sunday School.  Have you ever heard the story of Shedwreck, Meshack and a Billy goat? I have heard people say that you will know when it is the “last days” because the seasons will blend…this was said to me during one particularly warm winter, and the person that said it was also a PK (preacher’s kid). Then there was the lady who told me, when I was great with child that I was the kind of person that God gave a handicapped or mentally challenged child to because I had so much love to give, as if there is a quota that has to be given out, at this point my love got a little thin. People can take a scripture from any place in the Bible and make it say anything, and build whole theologies around their sin of choice. Matthew 27:5 (King James Version) says this: 5… and (Judas) went and hanged himself. Then there is a verse that says: Luke 3:11 (King James Version) 11… let him do likewise. So if we want to tell someone that he should die at his own hand, we can prove it by the Bible by saying, “The Bible says that Judas went and hanged himself, let him do likewise!” Preachers and teachers are trying to convince people there will be no “Rapture” (I know that word is not written in the Bible, but“rise to meet Him in the air is); they try to tell us that Jesus is only one of many ways. I heard someone say that a preacher was trying to convince him that Jesus was not the Son of God! I am not going to try to convince anyone of anything, just letting my life and my light shine. When I go into my bedroom at night, I can open my little cell phone and the weak light shines bright enough to show me the way to the lamp! So what if you are not the brightest candle on the table… if all the lights are off in a dark room, even your weak little light will shine! At work, you may be the only candle in a dark room, don’t hide yourself under a bucket, or behind a desk, get out there and live in such a way that people will WANT to know the source of your light. Don’t take anyone else’s word for “the Bible says”, read it for yourself. If you don’t know where to start and you have a question, get a Bible that has a concordance, it will have every subject listed in alphabetical order and you can find it for yourself. Read not only the ONE scripture in question, but read the context of the scripture so that you know exactly what it means! You have a smart head on your shoulders for a purpose, use it!  Do your own research of my misquotes to see if they are in the Bible, and find what it really says!

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  1. Thanks for the words of wisdoms they help a person grow closer to Jesus, and want to be ready for his return. Can`t wait to see everyone there.


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