I’m living in a Movie!

IMG_1095Because I was asked the question in the comment section I will answer it here! Where was the missing earring and how did I find it? Obviously there was going to be no peace for me until I had located it, I could not accept that I would not be able to find it so after I had exhausted all the places it could have been in the house, including dog beds, toilets, behind couches, I lay down and decided to sleep on it. I felt like I should go look in the car, why hadn’t I already thought of that, of course I knew it would be there… I looked on the seat and in the floorboard and was disappointed to see that I was wrong; it had just been my imagination speaking to me and not the Lord as I had supposed. Before I gave up I decided to have one more look, so when I opened the driver side door I just looked, that’s when I looked down into the pocket on the door and there it was laying right where it had fallen! I am guessing that when I took off my seat belt it must have already been loose and come off. The odd thing is that it would be a very awkward way for it to fall… I didn’t question I just grabbed my earring and ran upstairs to unite it with it’s mate! I am more careful now and take notice! God did guide me right to it after all! Now I want to tell you something that is going on in this house right now, something that has me very unnerved!
I feel like I am living in an Alfred Hitchcock movie, the BIRDS! It began the day after my dad died, which was eight weeks this past Wednesday. A Blackbird, a Crow, a Raven, I don’t know which it is or if there is any difference, began to beat with its wings and body against an upstairs window. Over and over it would scream and run up against the window. I would go up the stairs and pound against the wooden banister trying to scare it away, the window is too high to reach so I did the best I could. Then it would take turns at each of the seven windows in my great room, then back upstairs, this has happened every day since that time. We have started calling the bird “Pete”. Funny thing is that it will sit on the porch and look in, or walk back and forth along the rail just looking into the room. I can open the door and instead of flying away he will just sit and look at me without fear! I told him he wasn’t welcome here, that he should go away… those beady eyes just look at me before he puffs his wings out and screams at me. This morning my nerves just about broke, his pounding woke me before my alarm rang and I went down to try and scare him away one more time… he had TWO friends with him and they were all three pounding against the window! Now I know that all creatures were made by God and I respect that to the point that I will not kill a bug outside of my house, so I have resisted any solution that has involved killing the bird, don’t know how I would accomplish that anyway, but I am definitely looking for an answer! Luke 12:6-7 “What’s the price of two or three pet canaries? Some loose change, right? But God never overlooks a single one. And he pays even greater attention to you, down to the last detail—even numbering the hairs on your head! So don’t be intimidated by all this bully talk. You’re worth more than a million canaries.”  This scripture tells me that God is aware of what these birds are doing so my question is this, and I welcome your comment, is there a reason? Is there a message in what they are doing? Is it, as someone suggested, because we have had a recent death in our family? Are we really in a remake of the Birds?  I know it seems silly to take the space where I usually try to say something encouraging or enlightening, but this is one that this “Enquiring mind” really wants to know! Waiting for your answers and hoping that I am wakened by my alarm clock in the morning instead of the squawking and beating wings of the Birds!

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  1. I googled the bird hitting window and it seems it is not unusual. The bird sees a reflection of himself in the window and then tries to communicate with that bird. Hope this helps. Jackie

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  2. Did a little research. According to Wikihow:

    Crows are among the most intelligent and adaptable birds, and help humans by eating pesky insects and rodents and cleaning up road kill. However, they can also be a nuisance by tearing open trash, destroying crops and making a lot of noise. Because crows are so intelligent, whatever method you use to get rid of them will probably not work forever so you may need to alter your methods periodically.

    1. Take away an easy food source by keeping crows out of the trash.
    2. Remove all water sources from your yard to make it a less attractive environment for crows.
    3. Use visual scare tactics to get rid of the crows, at least temporarily. In time the crows may learn that the objects will not hurt them, so you may need to change your deterrents regularly. Try:
    • Loosely hanging Mylar tape or balloons so they blow in the wind. I think anything that will blow in the wind.
    • CDs, aluminum pie pans or other shiny metal items that will reflect the sun.

    When we lived in Duluth, Minnesota, I began to think the raven was the state bird. They were everywhere. If you do not live within the city limits I suggest a pellet gun. It will not kill them just a little sting.

    It is interesting to think how God created each creature with purpose.I wonder how many ravens have cleaned our roads by eating dead things. I have a few creatures/insects I would like to know their purpose. God why did you make mosquitoes or flies? To feed the frogs? To get my attention? Ha!

    Hope this helps.


    1. It is very interesting! It’s true, the banging on the wood and making noise used to get rid of him now he just continues to yell back at me~ What ever it is that God wants me to learn from this I am open, if it is just a nuisance I am ready for it to be done! Thank you for taking the time to look that up for me, that was precious of you! God bless you and your anointed husband! (((hugs))) to you both! Harolene


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