My Hallmark Weekend

ImageMaybe I needed an excuse to shed a few tears or feel that warm and fuzzy feeling that only the holiday of Christmas can give to me, so when I saw that the Hallmark Channel was having their Christmas in July movies weekend I set my TV to tape every one that I couldn’t watch. There is one playing in the background as I type this. This morning as I watched the re-cap of the headline news from last night, the Not Guilty verdict handed to George Zimmerman, the news went to Oakland, California where there was rioting in the streets, gangs of young people out in the street breaking windows of stores and taking plywood and pipes to break out the windows of police cars! I don’t know what their thinking is, how does vandalizing the property of people three thousand miles away from the trial, people that had nothing to do with the verdict help their cause at all? Don’t you think its kind of like cutting off your own nose to spite your face? Now they have become the guilty ones! But I digress, after I watched that and stories of a well known football player killing his friend, a police woman’s roommate killing her, then watching the sink holes that have appeared randomly because of the rain, with other sad and bad news, I didn’t even want to go to church, I just wanted to sit and be gloomy! So if spending the afternoon watching people get the Christmas spirit made me feel better then don’t judge me, right? I cherish memories of fruit “pokes” being handed to all the children, of new sweaters, a little jewelry box that had a dancing lady spinning to music when you opened the lid, my first pink lipstick and a pair of “high heels” to wear with a form fitting wool dress which was a beautiful shade of rose, it made me feel all grown up.  That was the Christmas I turned 13, it was special for me because we spent the week in Los Angeles with my dad’s family and going to services at the Armenian Pentecostal church, my dad ministered to them and I sang all the while learning to teeter on my new shoes! At Christmas we all say “Peace on earth, good will to men”, and for a few moments we may even mean it, but when its over, before the decorations even come down, its business as usual. I used to think that God had a special plan for me, after all I was born on the day we celebrated Jesus birth, then I grew up and realized that there was nothing special about me, at all… can I make my life be something special? Matthew 5:9  “You’re blessed when you can show people how to cooperate instead of compete or fight. That’s when you discover who you really are, and your place in God’s family.” King James says the peacemaker will be called the children of God, I would say that is pretty special! I used to think I knew God’s plan for my life, but everyday evolves and brings something new to my attention. Sometimes it is as simple as helping someone take a bath, helping to pull a loose tooth, fixing a meal that makes someone’s day a little more special; then there is the person that needs a call of encouragement, another needs a laugh, simple things. The most special time for me has become when one of you writes to me and says that something I have said has made a difference in your life, wow, there’s nothing better than that! Be blessed, there’s a plan, and thank you Hallmark channel for giving me a Merry Christmas in July!

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