Are You Poor or Financially Challenged?

ImageI was talking with someone on the phone, we were just discussing things like their need of work, my need to have some done and the lack of money in both of our pockets. I realize that we are all, at least people I talk with, in the same boat financially. So my question to you is this, ARE YOU POOR OR FINANCIALLY CHALLENGED? Matthew 5:3 (NLT)“ Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven  Matthew5:3 (Msg)”You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and his rule. I was re-reading “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”, written by Betty Smith. In this book the heroine is an eleven year old girl who is very poor. Her one extravagance is holding her cup of coffee in the mornings to warm her hands, which are so cold in the unheated apartment in which they live. As I read it, I thought about the fact that when we were growing up, our family was really pretty poor most of the time. A preacher’s pay is not great, and there were times that my dad gave his entire pay check back to the church to pay the bills.  But we never had a “poor” mentality. Being financially challenged and being poor are two different things. God always provided for us, when there was no money, there would be someone that brought us something good to eat. There was an event called a “pounding,” no this was not a time the church members all took their frustrations out on the pastor’s family by beating them with sticks, it was when the people got together and gave food, the way people bring gifts to a birthday party or a baby shower! Very exciting for us kids!  Mother kept our clothes clean and pressed, she even ironed our shoe laces, and our shoes were always shined. One particularly sad moment for her was when she found that my brother had cut pieces of cardboard to put in his shoes because there were holes in the soles. When we moved to Atlanta, wth twelve people in one house, and yes, one bathroom, we received some good government surplus food. There was peanut butter, and cheese that came in brown paper boxes. But poor? We never felt poor not at all; it never dawned on us to feel poor. As I said, God always provided for us and we were always happy. So, after going through all of this in my mind, I thought of the scripture that I put at the top of this Blog and when I really studied it, I understood. The Message translation said “You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and His rule.” Read that over and over until it gets into your mind and memory; Being at the end of your rope you realize that there is nothing that you, in your own power, can do to change your circumstances. The only answer is God, the answer lies in Him, alone. That kind of takes the pressure off, if you think of it that way. I KNOW there is nothing I can do to make my life better, happier, richer, but God, Who knows all, has the answer, not just the answer, the solution for my problems, and yours! The way I pray for anything that I cannot comprehend an answer for is,”God give me a solution to this prolem, without You I don’t know what I will do!” One day I prayed that prayer in the car, not really knowing where to go for something I needed, it was a desparate situation. As I prayed I drove to a particular place, got out and went in. The salesman asked what I needed, I just looked at him for a moment and said, “I don’t know for sure.” As I turned to face him, as I spoke, I saw the answer, right there behind him. Something I didn’t even know existed was my answer! I would rather be poor and know that I will inherit the Kingdom of God, than to have all the riches and goodies that a kid used to find in the blissfully cool Woolworth’s Five and Dime!  If you are poor or just FEELING that way, know that you are blessed!

4 Replies to “Are You Poor or Financially Challenged?”

  1. There is a definite perspective to being poor, or feeling poor. I’m the wealthiest I have ever been in my life, but my kids complain we have the smallest house, least amount of cool toys, and no ipads for them. And wife points out we indeed have the smallest house and an outdated kitchen…sigh. Am I poor? no. Do people around me make me feel poor?


    1. That is very sad for you.. sometimes it feels as if we are the hampsters on the wheel running as fast as we can and never reaching the goal, doesn’t it? That’s when we have to find that “safe” place on the inside of our own head and heart and realize that it is their problem, not yours! Been there, Done that, I promise! 🙂 Thanks for leaving the comment!


      1. Don’t give up! Let’s eat some hot fudge and “forgetaboutit” (said in my best Godfather imitation!) Have a blessed day! 🙂


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