I was atrocious, or was I?

ImageI went, I had to because it was past time for my mother’s appointment with her neurologist and to not go would mean we couldn’t get her meds, which are very important. That medication is the difference between her being calm and sweet or crying and looking for her mother and daddy or wondering when my dad will be home, yes I had no choice. The last time we went to him this “doctor” held us captive talking about how great he was and how he had spoken to large crowds of other doctors and lawyers at a large church over on Howell Mill Road, I knew the church of which he was speaking. He tried to impress on us how they had accepted his message and teachings. I am a Christian, I will not say I am a practicing Christian because that would indicate that I am learning, don’t you think that’s what “practicing” means”, but I try to live according to the words written in red in my New Testament, those would be the words of Jesus just in case you don’t know. Does that mean I have to have the fruit of the Spirit? The answer would be yes. I heard someone say that they wouldn’t trust the spirit of a person that they can’t see worshipping, well I have to contend that statement! You don’t have to see me, I do worship and whereas I used to be more demonstrative in my worship I find my moments when I am alone in my car listening to music that inspires the Holy Spirit that really is resident in me to move me to tears, to speaking in my heavenly language, to just pure worship of the King of Kings. Yes I do try. So let’s be a fruit inspector before I finish the story I started, ok? Love, hmmm thinking about it, yes although I do admit there are some I have to love with the ‘love of the Lord’ and wouldn’t want to share a meal with. Joy, I wake up every morning thanking God for His goodness, mercy and everlasting kindness to me His most humble servant. Peace, keeping my mind stayed on Him gives me peace in the midst of the storm, yes I have it. Gentleness, dealing with children and my aged parents has given me a great amount of gentleness, I can feel it in me and I like the way it feels, kind of like a soft leather glove that you slip your cold fingers into for warmth. Goodness, well that is for you to judge, I try to do someone good every day. Faith that is the fruit I have plenty of! I learned at the feet of my dad, the greatest man of faith you will ever know, that God can do anything and has done so many absolute miracles for me. A miracle is something that cannot be done except supernaturally, and don’t I know it! What? I left one out? Oh I did it on purpose, that brings me back to my story. In case you don’t know, the one I left out is Longsuffering, or Patience. Our appointment was for 10:15AM and as I love to be on time I had us there and signed in at 10:07AM. We were finally called to the back, I expected a normal delay, and my mother’s vitals were taken, we were told to wait the doctor would be in shortly. One hour later he came breezing into the room and before he asked about my mother or addressed the reason we were there his first words were “Let me tell you a story”. From that moment in time I am not sure what happened. I saw red, I saw black, I saw a pompous man sitting in front of us who had tried to convince us at our last visit that the tenants of the Muslims were peaceful and all the bad publicity they had gotten from the Twin Towers to the bombing at the Boston Marathon, were all just unrelated incidents. At that time, several months ago, I tried to think, “What would Jesus do? He loves everyone, he would be nice.” So after I had told him that it was hard to hear that knowing the atrocities that were happening to Christians at the hands of his peacefully religious brothers and the way the Armenian people were tortured, skinned alive, hung by their toes and roasted over open fires while still alive, having babies cut from mother’s wombs with soldiers swords in front of the terrified father who would not recant his faith in Jesus as the Christ, I remembered that it was his ancestors and he was not responsible. Problem was he kept pressing the issue. Therefore I was not happy to go back today. My sister had told me to just keep my mouth shut and let her handle it, that she would shut him down. We had prayed before he came in the room for the Spirit of the Lord to be there with us and as we said Amen we heard the door open. Back to me seeing colors. When he told us to let him tell us a story, I told him I didn’t want to hear his story. He looked at me surprised and asked me why, I told him that he had taken our entire appointment time with someone else and we had business to take care of, places we needed to be that it was rude to keep us waiting for one whole hour. He looked at my sister and continued with his story, which was to tell us in detail about the mother, and daughter he had just seen and why they were there!  He told us the things that had happened to the daughter and then told us he was “counseling” them. In the first place, isn’t it against the law to tell one patient about another and in detail? We had seen the poor girl go past our door and knew what she and her mother both looked like! Then he told us her problems! Isn’t that just wrong? Second place, he is not a licensed counselor! The next thing I remember is taking my mother by her shoulders and lifting her off the table and onto the floor while asking him to write the prescription as we needed to go. I think I have reached the place where anything like that is the proverbial straw that broke the equally proverbial camel’s back! Where do we draw the line? Do you think I was wrong? Did I do what Jesus would have done? I do know that he fashioned a whip and drove the money changers out of the Temple, in my opinion we were being violated and the women he told us about were certainly violated even though they didn’t know it happened. So, I wonder, how many people did he tell about me before the day was over? Being kind with him had not worked. So my righteous brother or sister, your job would be to pray for this sinner and know that, as I said in an article this past week, I am a work in progress. I wish you peace!

8 Replies to “I was atrocious, or was I?”

  1. Some times we have to do what needs to be done. For the past four years I have had to ask myself everyday how to deal with my x-husband and daughter ( they are married now). How to deal with the fact my daughter destroyed my home, slept with my husband and betrayed me. I CAN ONLY DO WHAT JESUS WOULD DO…..FORGIVE AND LOVE. But some days, he has to do it for me because I cant find that feeling anymore……..


    1. You have been through hell Pat, but I think you are finally on the otherside. No one can blame you for having feelings of resentment or even worse, but it’s how you react that is important. God loves you and so do I!


  2. Yes it is against the law, I worked in the medical field for years. An you are right how many people did he tell your story. I had put something similar on my page about how some people are. All we can do is pray for them. I think I would try to find a different doctor. I hate it when I see red or black, it never ends well. Thank God he has helped me with that.


  3. He violated HIPAA…You should file a complaint…He could be fined $1.5 million due to willful neglect…


  4. I once had a very rude Orthopedic surgeon tell My husband, “Don’t bring her next time,” just because I was asking questions. I kept my cool but said, “Oh don’t worry, there won’t be a next time with you.” They actually are supposed to work for us when we see them.


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