His living was not in vain…

IMG_0012Tonight a group of people came together to dedicate the Full Turn church campus in Hiram and honor a man of God, my dad, for his years of service, to years of helping any and every one that he passed along his way. “If I can help somebody as I pass along, if I can cheer somebody with a word or a song, if I can show somebody that he’s traveling wrong, then my living shall not be in vain.” As my nephew, Alan Mushegan Jr, spoke of his granddad and my sister, Janet Mushegan Watson, spoke about him they both mentioned that song which was the theme for his whole life. My mind went back to seeing him stand in front of thousands of people, at camp meetings, and singing it, or singing it to the eighty people who were there at the first meeting of our little fledgling church, started in a storefront at 2800 Piedmont Road, Atlanta, Georgia. The size of the crowd never mattered to him, when he was under the anointing it could have 10 or 10,000 and there would be no difference in his delivery, it was always done with all he had, eyes closed, feeling the Spirit of God on him. If he had been there tonight he would have taken the praise and accolades in his usual self-effacing manner, more impressed with the talent of the young people in his family and on that stage than with what they were saying about him. He was always the same man at home that he was in the pulpit or with church members, what you saw was honestly what you got. He was a true man of God, giving without hope of having anything returned, praying for anyone who asked. He never took credit for any good thing he ever did and would always point to someone else when given praise of any kind. Who does that remind you of?

Jesus walked with His disciples and they saw the human man in Him when He ate and slept and felt tired. They also saw the holy and compassionate side of Him as He ministered to the woman at the well, to the 10 lepers who all went away healed and only one came back to thank him. They saw him take 5 fishes and 2 loaves and feed five thousand people with enough left over for each disciple to have one, another time four thousand. They saw him make the best wine of the evening from plain water and then saw the water in the sea become a floor for him to walk upon. They saw him spit in the mud and heal a blind man, tell a man to take up his bed and walk…there are too many wonderful things that He did to mention them in this short article, but He did it all! He was empowered from the Father in Heaven and guess what? He gave US the power to do the same things… Mark 16: 15 He commissions us to “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature!” 16 We find that if we believe in His name and are baptized, we are saved! 17 says it…And these signs will FOLLOW those who believe, then He lists the things that we, as Christians and believing in His name, should see in our life all the time! How many miracles have I seen happen in my life?  Well, honestly I have seen many miracles, but, it isn’t an everyday thing, and it COULD be and SHOULD be happening! We have the right to exercise this miracle working power and the Holy Spirit is our advocate standing before the Father for us, it is very exciting when you think of it that way. What’s the point? Jesus helped “somebody”, everybody, as he passed along and that is what I want to do. If I can just be like that, when I come to the end of my time I will be able to say, with my dad, then my living has not been in vain!

I would like to thank everyone who made tonight possible and I know that my dad, your grandad, was there in spirit with the Cloud of Witnessess urging us to “keep on keeping on”, to carry the torch bringing light to everyone we pass. I know you made him proud, you made me proud!

2 Replies to “His living was not in vain…”

  1. Harolene could you get the video of lastnights FT Hiram service for me ? My family and I were unable to make it and I really wanted to be there. I know FT usually posts on their FB page but Im refraining from Fb for a bit ,let me know if there is a video of lastnights dedication you could get for me to watch via internet ,thanks God bless ! So excited about what God is doing in FT and through Pastor Alan Jr 🙂


    1. Unfortunately there was no video that I know of but it was a beautiful service and I wish you could have been there! 🙂


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