ImageI sincerely hope my son, my two nephews and all of the friends that went with them through high-school and then attended and graduated from Georgia Tech, the Ramblin Wreck, do NOT read this blog, and I am counting on you to not repeat it to them I would be considered a traitor in the class of Benedict Arnold, however… I watched the Georgia VS Tennessee football game today had Tech been playing on TV I would have watched them! Sorry for all the qualifying just trying to cover my arse on this one. Back to the point, I watched that game and at first it looked like the Bulldogs were going to trounce the Vols the score was 17-3 Dawgs at the half time. Something happened in the 3rd quarter and Tennessee started playing hard, tied the game and then went ahead! They had the game all but won when they got anxious, started making mistakes, getting penalties for personal fouls and when the clock wound down to 1:18 Georgia got possession of the ball, suddenly they were tied again and went into over time! The Tennessee rally ended when Georgia’s field goal kicker kicked a 42-yard field goal and won by 3 points! I saw grown men crying, the 45 year old coach of the Vols trying to look calm having seen disaster replace the celebration already happening in the stands and on the Tennessee bench, defeat snatched from the jaws of victory in just a few seconds. Now obviously to you, I already know it, I am not a sports commentator so please don’t let anyone that knows a thing about sports reporting read this, but I am an observer and I saw people celebrating a few seconds to soon and losing their focus on the game which resulted in a tragic loss. I was watching as Nik Wallenda walked across the Grand Canyon, I was holding my breath and praying and watching through my fingers and did I say praying for him as he began to get close to the end of his walk. He was communicating with his dad and then he began to thank the people that had helped him when suddenly he wavered just a hair. The next thing I heard was his dad speaking sharply to him “FOCUS NIK you’re not there yet, FOCUS you can thank everyone later.” I thought it was so human and something that any parent would do seeing their child close but still far enough away from safety that he would have died with a slip of the foot! As an aside I promised myself that no matter what his next stunt is I will not be watching it, my nerves simply cannot handle it and that’s the truth! There are times when you are talking to someone and you can tell when he or she are no longer focused on you but whatever is on the phone in their hand, and yes my son if you are reading this that was for you! In this business of the every day life that we live we are in more than a football game, more than walking a tight rope across a canyon we are trying to live in such a manner that we can be well thought of, successful and when our time comes to exit this Ferris Wheel life to make heaven our home. All through the Bible we see people that lost their focus and messed their lives up royally and the best example I can think of right now is David, the shepherd, psalmist, giant slayer, harpist to the King, friend to Jonathon, fugitive, King, conqueror, adulterer, murderer, and a man after God’s own heart, quite a list of accomplishments isn’t it? What happened? He had the only thing that he ever really wanted to do taken away from him do you now what that thing was? He wanted to rebuild the Temple, and God refused to let him because he was a “bloody” man. No it wasn’t because of all the wars he started because God was calling all the shots on that, it was the life of the man Uriah whose blood was shed because David coveted his wife that angered God.

I was watching a TV show yesterday and the subject was on food that would make you sexier, more viral, and more desirable to the opposite sex and it seems one of those foods was a soup made from a Tiger’s genital at the cost of $5,200.00 a bowl! Now look, I am just like you and can get my mind as deep in the gutter as anyone but suddenly it just hit me that so many major heartaches and crimes happen because people become focused on their genitals and how best to make them orgasmic. The doctor said that we are “wired” to have multiple partners and that to get married is to make the decision to deprive ourselves of that, to give that desire as a gift to the person we are trying to be monogamous with, I could stop here for a good laugh at myself couldn’t I? No wonder God called adultery a sin, and told us not to covet our neighbor’s anything. To covet is to want what someone else has and to go about trying to take it from them, whether it is their mate, money or other possessions! If you have purpose in your life then you need to focus on that, is it to run a successful business, be a better parent or spouse, diet and make yourself a healthier person, write a book or simply make a blog a little more interesting the only way that can happen is for you to NOT LOSE YOUR FOCUS. Keep your mind stayed on the business at hand. Luke 9:62 “But Jesus said to him, “No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.” Or in the Message translation “Jesus said, “No procrastination. No backward looks. You can’t put God’s kingdom off till tomorrow. Seize the day.”  Philippians 4:13 I can do ALL things through Christ which strengthens me.” As it is written so let it be done!

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