What IS a Witch!

IMG_1263I have seen commercials lately about shows that feature black magic and witches! The entertainment industry makes them appear cute and do neat tricks although the ones I saw advertised looked pretty evil! What is a witch? When my parents started the church in a storefront on Piedmont Road, we didn’t know where it would all end, they just knew they had the desire to serve people in the name of the Lord, and the anointing to carry through with it. There was no money, daddy had two weeks severance pay, three school aged children, a wife and knew the rent would come due again in one month. There was no money for clothes, that’s where it started, making black my signature color to wear. You could buy a black skirt, wear different tops and look good without costing much money. Black matches everything and it can go to a funeral, to Sunday church, or a fellowship function and you always look nice! A good member of the church got a revelation that I was a witch, and her proof, to her listeners, was that I always wore black! I was a Bible teacher, prayer group leader, choir director, and church organist! How could I do all that and have still time to be a witch? She left us, to start her own work; I think that says it all. So what do you think a witch is? The Bible says: For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the Lord, He also has rejected you from being king. 1 Samuel 15:23 When you think of a “witch” don’t you see a kind of a “hag” figure…the wild scraggly hair, long nose with a wart, a high pointed hat and a broom stick on which she is riding high in the sky? If you asked a child in grade school to draw one that is the picture you would have. You would be in shock if I told you that someone in our congregation was a practicing witch! If I said that they were actively using witchcraft so powerful that it had entrapped whole families in our own church, wouldn’t you think that was terrible? Yet we ourselves might just be that person! There is a form of witchcraft among us and it is called rebellion! The prophet Samuel says that rebellion is like the sin of witchcraft, why do you think he said that? A witch casts spells and summons spirits to try and make people do what they want, to alter the natural, to take authority that they have no right to take using deceit and lies. Rebellion is your attempt to control your circumstances independent of God, to make your own rules regardless of what the Word of God has to say about anything. Rebellion uses disobedience, disharmony and disunity to gain or maintain control of a situation. Either way when you’re trying to rule from “I can,” rejecting any notion of “God can” you are operating in the wrong spirit. When you do that, you’re becoming one with the enemy! One of Satan’s best tools is a “wedge”, the tool that separates churches, friends and family. Don’t fall into the sin of witchcraft by trying to always be in control, but don’t ALLOW yourself to be controlled by anyone but the Spirit of God only! “Not doing what God tells you is far worse than fooling around in the occult,” (1 Samuel 15:23). I know you would never think of yourself as being a witch, but if you are trying to control anyone or their circumstances then YOU are operating in that very spirit. If someone is trying to control you, then THEY are operating in that spirit. Haggai 1:5 say this: Now therefore thus says the LORD of hosts: “Consider your ways!” Maybe we need to take stock of our own attitudes and see if this rebellion lies within our own mind!
When you allow yourself to keep thinking about something that has happened to you in your past, abuse or bad treatment of any kind, it gives the person, that did it to you, the continued power to control your life. Give everything to God, He sent Jesus to die for your freedom, study the Word of God so that YOU will not slip into rebellion of any kind. And by the way, I still wear black!

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