A personal letter from me to you!

November 16, 2013

My dear friend,

I thought I would drop you a line to let you know what’s going on with me and hopefully you will reciprocate!

The holidays are right around the corner and I am thinking that I want to really “deck the halls” this year and make it very festive. I’ll get a 22-pound turkey and brine it, then take requests from every member of the family as to what special dish they would like for me to cook for Thanksgiving. I do that every year and end up with basically the same menu but at least I know I’ve cooked all the things they love most. Even though daddy is in heaven I will make the Armenian Pilaf, but I am sure what he has in heaven will beat mine out easy!

My house is in serious need of repairs and a good deep cleaning, seems like I walk into a room and make a series of turnarounds trying to decide what to throw away first, yes you know me, it’s about time to get another canister and fill it up with all the leftovers in our lives that clutter my space until sometimes I think I’m going to drown in it all! No, I’m not quite ready to clean daddy’s space yet, his clothes are still hanging on the handle drawers, the last jacket and shirt… his bolo ties and shoes with the socks stuck down in them where they were left. His office is untouched, papers where he left them, even the Kleenex he was so famous for always having is laying on top of the Bible, which is open to the last scripture he was studying. When I finally sit down to his desk and turn on the computer I will see if he had started on the sermon he would have delivered on May 8 if he hadn’t decided to take a very unannounced flight that day!

Mother? Doing fine except she has the notion that Little Mama and Daddy dropped her off here and have been gone a very long time and she is ready for them to come back and get her. The thing that is sad about that to me is she never mentions the 70 years she and daddy spent together and I am wondering if she will remember as it gets close to New Year’s Eve and their midnight anniversary.  She seems lost and I hope that one of them will come and take her hand when her travel time comes.

The rest of us are all good, Giles loving his new job, Cherita busy with hers at the school, Ara and Tiffany are happy and he is working to build up his practice at the clinic and last but not least my grandchildren are busy with one in the seventh grade and the other taking college courses while working at a place called Jimmy Johns! I continue to be caretaker for them all and knowing this is the best job I have ever had.

I am hoping that I can inspire them all to help me get the Christmas tree set up Thanksgiving evening and do our annual viewing of “It’s a Wonderful Life” which is one of my all time favorite movies of any genre!

I hope this catches us up but I also wanted to tell you that all your kind words, emails, messages, texts, make me feel very special knowing that you still care for me and think of me, thank you,

Yours truly,  Haro

10 Replies to “A personal letter from me to you!”

  1. mama first I will ask that you keep this private due to certain facts contained in it. now on to the letter, we are doing as well.as can be expected. we decided to move into a smaller 2 Brit when it opened up. still in claypool Indiana, still the same complex but with don and Lucy both sick its hard to get 5 minute s of sleep. I’m back in special Olympics here at home. doing basketball. found put bug is allergic to smoke and the smell of it. it maks her ( and me as well as don) all very ill foe several days. so no more going into my moms house or my dads. at least dad will meet us at McDonald’s to see his grandbaby. I hope to be getting a bike next month, as a Christmas/anniversary gift. I miss you and all of ourEWC family.it will be 4 years December 3 that don and I have been married. I can hardly believe it. I feel sad for your mama. its like she has the worst case of amnesia ever
    I do hope she recalls all of her years with your daddy. I miss your daddy a lot mama. he became a big part of my life. I am sorry I missed you the day we left. I wish I could have hugged you. you are in my prayers as is your entire family. now its time for me to get some sleep. I love and miss you. ~from betsy


  2. Like your letter. A quick word about Mother. With her looking for Mother & Dady it means she is in a time period before she was with your Dad. Sounds like she may be 4-8 years old. This would be a time when she could have been left with someone while they were gone for awhile. Try & talk to her about where she thinks they have gone or whu they left her. Might help settle her down if you can gety her talking.


  3. Typing stinks.
    I used to love holidays but they have lost some of their fun & excitement. My parents & most of my family have already gone to be with the Lord. My brother & his family never celebrate the time with us. With my son in Ohio all alone that leaves him out. My daughter has her friends she runs with so that is a closed door. Lynne’s family don’t like to come around as we are boring- no booze & wild party time. So it is usually just her & I. It will be that way for both holidays this year as it stands today. So we may cook a small dinner both days but for Thanksgiving I am planning on taking her out to some place special. Then Friday we will decorate the house together. That means 3-4 trees ( tallest one 7′, decorate both fireplaces, all three bathrooms as well as the foyer & the front porch. We have a store room 10 X 11 feet loaded 6′ high with Christmas decorations. She uses them all. It will take 2 days to put it all up. But it is fun even if it is just for us. I always make pictures. So while it is quiet it is also close, tender & loving time together.Then it takes 3-4 days to tke it down & put it away.


    1. God has blessed you with a wonderful life… awsome adventures, loving parents and a FUN family.
      I too have spent years doing the special Thanksgiving dinner for family and friends.
      In the early years of our marriage before our children I would spend two days baking
      pecan, pumkin, & potatoe pies, with the nephews on each side of the family. I can remember one years we baked 12 each and they were eating them faster than we could get them cooked.
      Thanksgiving is my time of the year even with sad moments as we haved gathered over the years remembering grandparents, parents. aunts & uncle cousins and friends that have gone to the Fathers house .
      so good to have someone say , DO YOU REMEMBER, . and then as we start to eat my brother inlaw, says…they may be eating but the have to wait for us. to enjoy the marriage supper, oh what a reunion that will be.
      another change for all of us here in the Atlanta area, we always went or watched the lighting of the RICH’S / MACY’S tree. always a fresh cut from someone yard in Georgia. this years Macy’s changed they are going with a FAKE tree from now own. Change happens there is sadness and joy…….that’s what makes it a WONDERFUL LIFE. Thank you for sharing bits & piece of your life with us. piece with
      Thank you



      1. ❤️🎄🎅🎁Thank you for wanting to read it! I hate that the tree is fake also. The tree they used last year was from right here in the Mableton area ! Thanks for taking time to write !


  4. Thanks for sharing! Mother and I will go to Huddle House in Daisy for a Thanksgiving breakfast meal. That’s been our tradition since Dad died about 5 years ago. Then, we just hang out at her house, the house my brother and I grew up in. My brother and his grown son and daughter go to their inlaws’ homes for Thanksgiving lunch. I’m taking a day of vacation the day after T’giving and plan to go kayaking on the lake and look for unusual rocks and driftwood.


    1. To me that sounds like a perfect way to spend the day! Does the Huddle House have pecan waffles like the Waffle House does?? 🙂


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