Last Minute Miracles!

257844_173151136080521_100001569064996_458172_6964152_oIt’s amazing how God can give you exactly what you need just when you need it most. Think of Moses standing facing the Red Sea while Pharaoh’s army was thundering down on his people at the back. He was literally caught between the “devil and the deep blue sea” wasn’t he? The water didn’t need to be opened one minute before God told Moses to raise his hand holding the rod and the sea would open before them. It was the moment of crisis that brought the miracle. My dad told us stories about how many miracles God did for him and for our family and most of them seem to be of the last-minute variety!

One particular time comes to mind as I sit here in front of three white Christmas trees with lights changing color from red, to white, then green, now red AND green, changing to blue and starting over again because this story took place another Christmas time when my parents were on the “evangelistic trail” and got stuck in South Georgia where there last revival had just ended. There were bills that needed to be paid, the little trailer daddy pulled on the back of the old Studebaker wasn’t a proper place for his wife and baby to stay in with no heat out in the woods. He was walking in those woods and praying, knowing that no church wants to start a revival during the holidays and put them off until later in January.  There was a small motel close to where we were and daddy had made friends with the owners because they had visited some of the services and while he was praying the lady of the house came out and yelled into the woods that there was a call for him. Daddy said he whistled, and believe me that whistle could cut iron it was so sharp, to let her know he heard her and started back in toward the motel office. On the phone was a minister from Fort Mill, SC and as my dad had never met him he was totally surprised as the minister told him, “I have heard so much about all the wonderful things that are happening in your revivals and my church needs one so bad. Is there any possible way you could come right now and start Sunday?” Last minute yes but it happened right when he needed a place to go so he could bring help to those in need and in turn they would put food on his families table. That revival lasted for 10 weeks and the whole third shift at the Mill had come to the revival and had all given their hearts to God.

Philippians 4:19 “You can be sure that God will take care of everything you need, his generosity exceeding even yours in the glory that pours from Jesus.”

Psalm 37:25-26 “I once was young, now I’m a graybeard—not once have I seen an abandoned believer, or his kids out roaming the streets. Every day he’s out giving and lending, his children making him proud.”

All the times my dad wouldn’t take a salary from a church because it was struggling to pay bills somehow it would happen that money would come by delivery man, by US Postal or someone would bring food to our house and we never had to do without because my parents gave to the Lord, never.

This is the time of the year when we all worry about where or how the money will come to do the things we need to do and if it were in my power to do it I would help every one of you reading this right now. I can’t do that but this one thing I can do and that is to agree with you in prayer that your needs and the needs of your family will be met according to His riches.

This morning as I was waking from sleep God sent an angel to me to give me a word, it was Patience, which made me remember that was the last word my grandfather ever gave to me, the week he died. He spoke with great authority and said “Patience my dear you must have patience and wait on God.” Oh how I had heeded his warning at the time, but it is never too late to do the right thing, is it? SO I am passing it on to you. I agree with you in prayer that God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory and that you and yours will have a very Merry Christmas!

9 Replies to “Last Minute Miracles!”

  1. How you amaze me with the insight that you have. God is truly using you in this word that you are bringing forth. You may not get a lot of notice or praise for it but it is touching the right hearts & they are being turned to the Father for His glory & honor. Don’t let things discourage you but keep listening to the Lord & write as He directs you.
    Like your Father I have a number of stories about myself & my family where the clock was stiking midnihgt & suddenly the answer appeared as if out of nowhere. They preped my Mother to be operated on the next morning. It was touch & go. Mother was praying & so were a lot of other people. The doctor saw her that evening, went home had supper & before he went to bed came back to see Mother. He asked her is the operation necessary? She told him no the Lord had just healed her. He had ordered the tests ran & the problem was gone. He went away thanking the Lord & she came home the next day instead of facing surgery. God is faithful to His word no matter the circumstances. He promised never to leave us or fail us no matter the problem. I can find nobody who claims He has ever failed them. He may have not done it the way I wanted it but it was always done the right way which always turned out to be right way. Thanks again for being true to your calling. God bless you is my prayer. Goodnight Sweet dreams.


  2. I have one to tell you. In the 80’s I was working as Assist. Pastor of a church. This lady was in a wheelchair though she could transfer herself with min help. She asked at every service to be prayed for, sometimes even special prayer just for her. I saw the power of God on her so strong she couldn’t hardly sit in the chair. We(Pastor & I) at different times took her hand & tried to help her stand but she wouldn’t. After weeks of praying about it as it bothered me really bad.the Lord spoke & said ask her daughter. So I did. The lady had fixed her mind on the fact that God was going to heal her one night in her sleep & the next morning she was going to get up & walk. No matter how hard or long we talked to her or prayed for her she never gave in. She died still in her wheelchair for lack of getting herself out of the way. I don’t believe it stopped her from going to Heaven but it kept her in the chair when she could have been enjoying her time with her family. I saw it later on with a man who as he was been praying for started out of the wheelchair then jerked his hand free & fell back in the chair. If God healed him he would no longer be the center of attention. He would have to go back to work & all that involved. Some people just aren’t too smart. If you are going to pray for me & the Spirit falls on me, look out cause I am going to stand on it & claim my healing & act on it.Nuff said you understand.


  3. ma”am,believe me your posts are treat to my eyes .Happy Christmas:) .I LOVE YOU FROM YOUR WORDS:)


    1. You are precious to tell me that! Thank you so much! Blessing and Merry Christmas to you also! 🙂 Harolene


  4. The only thing that makes a walk with God possible, He is there with us every step and knows what we need for each step. I too have seen some great and wonderful miracles from His wonderful hand. One of them was just a week ago. When I checked my husband’s pay card there we just enough money on it to pay for some food. He went in to his employer to find out what had happened. I waited for him in the commons area. I asked God to help as this would not pay the week’s bills. Long story short, something had happened with the card and he found out they had not paid him for on week of vacation last year. All of this we found out after I had taken it to the Lord in payer.
    I know well just how good God is and always there when I need Him and how He listens when no one is there to hear and to comfort.
    I have not gotten a hook up yet, still at the library. It works! God is really calling me to walk with Him and one of those ways is not to seek employment right now. We are learning how to live on a little and trusting Him. I think it is a lesson as much for my husband as for me.
    I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Always, with love of a sister, Margaret


    1. I hope you get this soon, please check your email as soon as you get this well in at least 15 minutes from now, it is 2:5 PM Saturday December 14. Thank you for your testimony and love to you from God and from me! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


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