Wanna hear something funny?

get-attachment.aspxI am thoroughly enjoying watching the young people compete for the Gold at the Olympics. The figure skaters are so graceful that they even make the falls look easy, but I know they have all spent hour upon hour of training to get where they are and every one of them that have made it to Russia to compete ought to be plenty proud! Anything you want to do takes effort and sometimes no matter how prepared they are something happens that keeps them from standing on that podium to receive a medal!

Actually that is not just in the Olympic games, it is the way our life goes. And speaking of things that happen in life that you don’t expect, I thought of something today that happened years ago and told it to the younger generation around the table who had never heard it, it made them laugh and I got to laugh at something that when it happened was a very embarrassing situation, not to me but to the person that…well let me explain…

There was a man who had been an Atlanta celebrity and had achieved some success in New York but had been out of the public eye for a while. He decided to have a “come back”, it was going to be huge, and yes Atlanta was going to welcome him back with open arms! He planned his come back concert and invited some other groups to be in the concert as his opening acts. I was asked to play organ for one of the groups that were to perform or I wouldn’t have this story to tell because truthfully I wouldn’t have gone to his big coming back concert! We practiced and had rehearsals at the Symphony Hall and it was all looking like it was going to be a great success! Every place in Atlanta that we went there were posters on telephone poles and in windows, advertisement was plastered all over the place! I was thinking how important I was going to feel to be a part of this celebrity’s entrance back in the entertainment business! The day came of the great come back came and excitement was high! I had my family go early so they could get a good seat and I went back stage to get ready to play the organ for the singers that were going to open! SHOWTIME! Recorded music came on with the voice of an announcer welcoming everyone to the show and built up the entertainer telling of all his wonderful exploits in the entertainment business. I listened as the announcer praised him then I recognized that it was his own voice saying all those wonderful things! The group for which I was playing was announced and the curtain opened, the bright stage lights were in my eyes and I was glad I couldn’t see the crowd! Mr. Entertainment came onto the stage to introduce the group and said, “Before I introduce these wonderful people I want to everyone here to welcome my mom! Bring up the lights please so everyone can see my mom!” Well my friend, the curtain opened and the only people in that vast hall were my family and his mother! I am not kidding you! It is funny now but at the time I was so humiliated for the man who I could have cried but also wanted to laugh hysterically! Neither would have been appropriate! Well he acted as if the house was full, my family dutifully applauded his mother’s presence and the show went on.

That’s life folks, you never what is going to happen next so best be prepared for all situations, which reminds me that there is a new storm warning so better run out and get your bread and milk, if you are not in the Atlanta area you won’t know what I am talking about but believe me everyone around here knows! Prepare for the worst and hope for the best and by the way, if you want to skate in the next Olympics you better run out and buy that pair of skates right now!

2 Replies to “Wanna hear something funny?”

  1. As a an Atlanta native, the is nothing out of the ordinary. Just the thought of an ice-snow mix of precipitation, throws five million citizens into high-panic alert. I shall remain ready for whatever nature has in store for my hometown…


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