A personal story of faith…

I am re-posting this because I have been asked about keeping the faith when it seems your miracle isn’t going to happen!

IMGGod answers prayers, that is a fact, although sometimes we don’t understand exactly why His answer doesn’t always match what we wanted, the answer is plainly there.

When my daughter was born I thought she was the most gorgeous baby anyone in the world had ever had. I couldn’t quit staring at her long, black eyelashes, perfect little fingers, beautiful dark complexion capped by a head full of silky black hair. I couldn’t believe that her father and I had produced such a perfect child. As she got a few months old and began cutting her teeth, I noticed that her little front teeth had brown spots on them and I took her to the doctor to find out why, I didn’t get good news. I had caught the flu, from a girl I was helping plan a wedding, and on December 17 I was in labor all night long. I didn’t go to the hospital; I knew the baby wouldn’t survive. As I continued to have pains, throw up, and other things better left unmentioned, my dad prayed for me, big hand on my stomach, and asked for peace to come into my body. Everything inside me became calm; I spent the night in that old plastic recliner. Next morning I went to my doctor, who told me the baby had moved into the birth canal and that I should be extremely careful. I told you that to explain that is when her teeth buds were damaged.

I believe in creative miracles so I began to pray constantly for her to have a new mouth full of teeth. Every morning when I went to her crib I would pull her lips back and look to see her new teeth, and every day was disappointed. I prayed and pointed out to God “how good I had been”, how I had taken care of everything and myself I could think of to try to impress Him, it didn’t work.

Finally, when she was five and children at church would ask why her teeth were pointed, I took her to a dentist that put perfect little caps on her teeth and they were gorgeous! I cried when she came out of that room and smiled at me, I felt like my prayer had been answered. The dentist had told me that her permanent teeth would have the same problem because when the teeth buds were damaged it affected them also. As I was admiring her new teeth the dentist came out and told me he would like to see me in his office. I followed him back and sat down; waiting to see what bad news I was about to hear. Placing X Rays on the lighted board he pointed out something, her permanent teeth, were perfect, showing no damage, no spots, they were all good.

This doctor of the Jewish faith, with his fancy office in Buckhead, told me he had never seen that happen before, and that was my opportunity to tell him the story of how my daughter had received the miracle I asked for, how God had created a whole new set of teeth!

I felt ashamed that I had ever questioned God. The next Sunday when the family had pushed back from the table, we were talking about faith when my dad spoke up. He told us of how when he was a little boy his dad had an injury that had him bent over “in a U”. My grandfather told six pair of brown eyes how his injury was going to keep him from going to work, and if he couldn’t work, there would be no food on the table. My dad said how sad he felt that he was going to go hungry, his four brothers and little sister all felt the same. Pop told them the only thing that could help was God, and asked them, as a family united, to pray for him. They all prayed so earnestly, fearing hunger, that suddenly, as they were praying, his dad popped up straight as an arrow, healed, went out to his truck and went to work!

He asked for us to unite in prayer for him, and boy did we ever put one up for him! I felt heaven come down, as we all agreed in prayer. He didn’t stand up, but color came into his face, and he felt better! He lived several more years after that!

However God answers you, he WILL answer! Pray and believe because all things are possible with God and in case you wondered, I had to be induced March 11, two weeks after my due date! I would say God held her in there but good!

2 Replies to “A personal story of faith…”

  1. Yes, we don’t always get what we want, how we want or when we want it but God does do it for us. When you grow up in a praying believing home you have a great many memories to fall back on as you know. My brother was just 4 when he got sick. He ran a really high fever & had serious ear problems. He got so bad he could not lift his head up, roll over, he just laid there. I remember my folks praying & having him anointed & prayed for at church. Nothing happened, it just stayed the same. One day my Dad came home from work & he had words with Mom over her not praying for him anymore. Mom told him she had prayed until there was no prayer left in her, she had turned it over to God & it was to Him. He was either going to heal him or take him. That declaration didn’t go over to well with Dad & he sulked all night. A couple of days later Mom just started praising the Lord for his healing. He wasn’t but she was doing it anyway. I thought maybe she was a little wacky at the time. My Dad kept telling her to pray & she kept telling him no. One afternoon about 4-5 months after he got sick Steve rolled over in the crib they had him in to protect him. Mom picked him & started crying praising the Lord. It took about three months to help him learn to feed himself, hold his head up & walk but he did it. Later Mother told us that the Lord her when she totally turned him to Him & released him then He healed him. But if she hadn’t released him we would have lost him. It was a test of faith & my parents passed it. Lord is faithful in so many ways because He loves so much. Glad to read about your daughter. God bless.


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