Peter Cotton Tail, really?

Jesus_On_CrossI am not going back on what I said, or being double minded, just hear me out and see if you agree with me… or not, your choice! Before Christmas I saw some people complaining about the trees in the malls already being up and decorations being put out before Thanksgiving. Whereas I agree that it does seem to dilute the Thanksgiving Holiday to already have “Jingle Bells” playing rather than “We Gather Together” and seems a little rushed. However, I said that to me I didn’t mind it, as it was a reminder even to those who were just trying to make an extra buck by selling their Christmas merchandise early that we were celebrating the birth of Jesus! Today I have had “Bible movies” playing for my mother to watch, no Jerry Springer or Maury on Saturday and the Braves didn’t come on until a little while ago, so she has watched the Story of Ruth, Solomon and The Book of Esther. That last movie was particularly interesting to her because one of the girls she sees on the afternoon “stories” was playing Queen Esther… quite a 180 degree from the role she normally plays!

Excuse my little detour, back to the point! These movies are being shown on a channel that shows “UP lifting” things and I am by no means criticizing them they want to make money so they can continue to show us UP lifting movies, but the commercials were from places like Party City, Target, Wal-Mart etc and each was saying “Get more Easter here”, “Your Easter Party starts here”, you get my drift. At first I wasn’t paying any attention, it kind of slid right on past me as I made a grocery list and tried to clean out the fridge, but suddenly I took notice and it really chapped my backside.

Christmas time is a whole different feeling, everyone celebrates a birth and we have birthday parties and a birth represents new life.  We know that Jesus came into the world by leaving Heaven where He was a King to being a babe in a manger born to inexperienced young people with one purpose in mind and that is what we honor at “Easter” time or as I prefer to refer to it, “Resurrection” Sunday! I view Easter as a more solemn time and somehow bunnies, baby chicks and candy kind of seem a trite way to honor a death OR a resurrection. I always loved the grand drama productions or musical presentations we did at the church, and you knew that on Sunday you would sing “The Old Rugged Cross”, “Up From the Grave He Arose” and of course “HE LIVES!”  If you were blessed enough to have two singers that could sing the Sandi Patti, Larnel Harris version of “I’ve Just Seen Jesus” your spirit would soar as you imagined the empty tomb and the resurrected Jesus Christ!

Jesus is a personal friend of mine and while most of the time He has to have His arm around my shoulder so that He can put His hand over my mouth I think He loves me best! Oh come on, let me by with it, I’m the one that is writing… you can say the same thing and it will be just as true. I am not trying to change the way you think or celebrate anything I am offering you my opinion and as I have said before, opinions are like…uhh navels, yeah that’s it and everybody has one!

I did not say this to demean anyone or the way you choose to celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and how ever you honor Him is good as long as you celebrate the reason for the season. Lots of people do it with new outfits, which I assume signifies being new, hey I don’t even know what it means…we didn’t have new outfits because my parents said there were people in the church that couldn’t afford anything new and they didn’t want them to feel bad… so I got over it.

This year I will most likely be celebrating it with a TV preacher while in my house clothes but I can guarantee you I will be thankful to my friend for giving His life for me. This coming week is Holy Week with Good Friday and then the highlight of the Christian calendar on Sunday, what ever you call it!

3 Replies to “Peter Cotton Tail, really?”

  1. With Easter just around the corner, this is a good read. Harolene Mushegan Leguizemon is a very good friend of mine. She is one of the best people I have been blessed to meet. I am sure she is right that Jesus loves her best. Oh, I also know he loves me best. That is the glory of neing a child of God, He loves us all, THE BEST.
    I wish everyone a very blessed and meaningful Easter season.


  2. The old song says “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” yet how many of our family & friends really believe that to be the truth? I listen to so called good Christians who are searching for answers to life’s problems, however when you talk to them Jesus is not on their list of possibilities. How can people survive in this world of today without knowing Jesus for who He really is? Reading the Word & talking to Him everyday is not even enough in today’s world. We have to be sold out to Him to make it till the end. To so many of our Christian friends Easter is just a time of fancy clothes & a time for family to gather for a good meal & fun, maybe an Easter egg hunt for the kids. I used to complain about all the rules & things I had to do as a kid for things of the Church but today I stand proud & say “Thank you Mom & Dad for teaching me His truth.” I realize that I did not pass it on to my two kids the way it was done to me but I have trying to make it up ever since they become of age. Your posting covers a lot of facts & good solid doctrine & I feel truly blessed to call you friend. Because you have truly been a friend reminding me daily of who Christ is & where do I stay. People who do that are called “Truly Friends” & we are all blessed to have them in our life. Thank you for being there. Even in my old age you have enlightened me in many ways & I thank you God bless. I will be home too in my shorts sharing the service with some TV preacher come Sunday.


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