I had a nice surprise!

IMG_0012Tonight I decided to make a Mexican dinner for my family in the spirit of all the celebrations of Cinco de Mayo. I made several yummy dishes for them, all their favorites and was disappointed that my son was not here in time to sit down and eat with his sister and her family. I had heard her talking to him earlier so I knew he was on his way but it wasn’t like him to completely miss the meal! My daughter with her husband and children finished and I put things away that needed to be refrigerated and since the last communication I had with my son he had told me he was going to come and eat I decided to leave it where I could get it out and heat it up quickly!

Not long after I had cleared the table the door opened and my boy with the beautiful green eyes peeked around at me and said “Boy am I hungry!” As he and his lovely wife came in I began to fix him a plate of all the goodies I had made and put it in the microwave oven. I noticed that he was wearing a backpack, which was a little unusual but didn’t think much about it. When his sister came back into the room with her husband my son walked over and said, “Mom this back-pack is heavy can you take it off my back for me?” I reached to get it and noticed that there were four pair of eyes all trained on me, that’s when I knew something was going on…I looked at the back-pack with its Apple logo and realized this was for me! Mother’s Day is Sunday and they had bought a new computer for me, I was over-whelmed and there were no words! Isn’t it funny that at times when you want to express your feelings the most is when your words utterly fail you?

Growing up my parents pounded a few things into our little heads, one was “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, another was “Be sure your sin will find you out”, but most important was the Commandment, the first commandment with promise, that said “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.” I had a problem with the one about “doing unto others” at times and wanted to “do unto them after they had done unto me” but somehow that never worked out for me.

The only time I struck back after I had taken bullying to the point that I couldn’t take one more thing was in a gym class. The girl who had insulted me suddenly became the girl who made life miserable for me for two years in grade school and all the pent-up anger I had for her along with what was happening now was more than I could stand. We were tipping off the basketball and I was about a foot shorter than she was so it was a very convenient thing for my hand to just catch her under the nose…bad move…she went onto me with both arms and I grabbed those flailing arms and held them until the coach got there to intervene.

The bad news gets worse as my dad happened to be in the school teaching a Bible class and the coach sent for him. Ok enough of that boring little story you can guess the rest, let’s just say that the “be sure your sin thing” came to pass that day, but I always kept the one about “honoring” my parents. They told me that if I did that when I had children of my own they would honor me the way I had honored them.

God blessed me when he gave me the two wonderful people who call me “Mom” and I could not be treated any sweeter or better or be more honored than I am by those two and their spouses. I am still honoring my own mother by taking care of her and I pray to have wisdom to know how to make her days happy until Jesus sends my dad to help her go home. At some point every day she will ask when we are going home, and for now I just say, “We’ll go tomorrow”… I am going to have a Happy Mother’s Day!

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