Wanna makes someone’s day?

IMG_2015It’s been a very long day here in my little corner of the world and I am glad it’s time to sit down and think. Today was a day for listening to music as I had a lot of alone time and I turned on my IPod to the list that said “most frequently played”, so I knew I would hear my favorite tunes, actually why are they all my favorites if I took the time to download them? Several played that took me to various times in my far and recent past, I let the pictures play and enjoyed the view.

We have the mentality that when we grow up, when we lose weight, when we get married, when we get a new hair-do, when that so-and-so gets long-gone, when we get a new job…the list goes on and on, things will change, we will magically become all the things we have desired. Then when each goal is realized and the “new” thing you were expecting doesn’t happen, you are extremely disappointed. It is not a new person or a new look that will make the difference in you, it is a great big “attitude adjustment!” When you are always looking for an outside influence to make the difference in your life, then you are going to be very sad to find the same old you in the mirror next morning after the “transforming” thing has happened.

A lot of years have come and gone but I have learned to heed to road signs that I might have been more willing to ignore when I was younger and it seemed I had a lot of time to live. The thing that counts to me now is what I can do for someone else, how I can change the world around me to be a better place. As my music played a song began that was written by Gloria Gaither/Jean Sibelius, I have mentioned here before, it is “I Then Shall Live”, so listening to the lyrics I said to myself “I WHEN shall live? When all the things in this song have been accomplished?”  It says, “I then shall live as one who’s been forgiven I’ll walk with joy to know my debts are paid, I know my name is clear before my Father I am His child and I am not afraid, So greatly pardoned, I’ll forgive my brother, The law of love I gladly will obey. I then shall live as one who’s learned compassion, I’ve been so loved I’ll risk loving, too I know how fear builds walls instead of bridges, I’ll dare to see another’s point of view, And when relationships demand commitment, Then I’ll be there to care and follow through. Your kingdom come around and through and in me, Your power and glory let them shine through me, Your Hallowed name, oh may I bear with honor, And may Your living Kingdom come in me, The Bread of Life, O’ may I share with honor, And may You feed a hungry world through me.

So many lines in that stand out to me, first the writer talks of being able to love and forgive because they have been so greatly loved and forgiven, I have, have you? Then it speaks of a relationship that demands commitment and the desire to be there and follow through, that because I have been, as I am sure you too have been let down so many times. Promises made that were never meant to be kept by the people who made them; I want to be the person that never disappoints a person that is counting on me. Another line that stands out “and may you feed a hungry world through me.. Oh how I hope that I can give and help in a way that makes a real difference in someone’s life. God has been so good to us all, don’t be afraid for “fear builds walls instead of bridges” and we need to build bridges to each other, to reach out and pray for those around us. You don’t have to have a “laying on of hands” to do that, just call their name and ask God to help them. You might be surprised at how good that one little act of selflessness will make you feel! Make someone else’s day today and you will find it makes yours too!

2 Replies to “Wanna makes someone’s day?”

  1. If I could do one thing that would “make” your day, what would it be? You are always doing for others without regard for yourself. So just for one day I would love to do just one thing for you that would repay you in some way for your caring, loving attitude towards other people. I have yet to hear you speak critical of others on here even when it is evident they have hurt you. That takes a special kind of love & forgiveness to be that kind of person. Sometimes as I read what you have written I truly wonder if you really understand yourself, how truly blessed you are. You see from where I set I see you as a truly blessed daughter of the Father on Most High. He speaks through you in ways that bless so many people. The things you write may bless ten of us readers in a great way but for ten different reasons. That’s how powerful I see your writing each day. Whatever you do please continue to let the Lord use you as He sees fit every day. Know that you are impacting lives every day as you are obedient to Him. Thank you for your dedication to this site & thanks for being my Friend.


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