Pull your curtains down!

54112_1635884627125_1537003597_1552256_6013438_oSomething happened yesterday that was so telling of how we are as humans that I just have to tell you about it!

I have mentioned before that my children’s dad comes and has lunch with them every Saturday. Up until recently he also came on Tuesday evening but because of a heavy workload, which is a blessing, it is just Saturdays for now. The routine is the same every week, he comes by the house and picks up the grandchildren at 1PM they go to a restaurant and get a table and my daughter and her husband and my son and his wife meet them there. The number increases when my granddaughter has a boyfriend, which is the case right now. I am telling you that so you will know that this is not variable, it is the same week after week has been year after year, got that? This past Saturday my grandson was taking his sweet time getting dressed and since his granddad has only a certain amount of time before he goes back to work they all need to be ready on time. Running a little late but finally dressed he came into the kitchen. My daughter’s phone rang and she just said, “OK I’ll tell him,” then she turned to her son and said “He wanted you to know he is out there waiting for you now.” Instead of going on out the door and down the stairs to meet his granddad, he said, “Is he?” and then ran to the window to look out and make sure he was really there! I just about lost my patience with him and asked him why he had to look since his mother had just spoken to him on the phone! He looked at me like I had lost my mind and said “Well Mammy I had to make sure!” Oh My GOD! I looked at my daughter and said, “That is exactly the way we react when God speaks a promise to us!”

Now let’s run this down one more time, We have evidence that the same thing has been happening for years, we have a call saying his faithful granddad is out there waiting on him and yet he has to look out the window to make sure! Really?

When the children of Israel were finally on their way to the Promised Land I have to ask you if you remember how they got there? God performed miracle after miracle sending plagues to the Egyptians without anyone of their camp ever being affected by the plagues; they were also able to carry out their belongings and animals and it was all because of God’s miracles. When they got to the Red Sea and Pharaoh’s army was close behind God opened the sea before them so that they walked through on dry ground and then the water closed up over the enemy army as they followed them through, what I imagine to be, great walls of water the water which closed in on them and they were drowned! When they were thirsty God brought forth water from a rock, when they were hungry He supplied them with heavenly bread called Manna, and when they were craving a meat dish he served up more quail than they could eat and eat they did until they got sick of it! Miracle after miracle occurred for them and yet when Moses went up on the mountain and was receiving the tablets containing the 10 Commandments and having a face-to-face with God, they gathered up their jewelry, commissioned Aaron to design a golden calf and then they worshipped it! They gave it praise for bringing them out of Egypt!

The disciples watched Jesus do everything from turning water into fine wine to cleansing lepers, opening blinded eyes and raising the dead! They were there when he took five loaves of bread and three fishes and fed five-thousand people with twelve baskets left over so that they could eat and then watched him walk on the water and get in the boat where they were and yet when the storm came up with Jesus sleeping soundly they were afraid they were going to drown! Jesus said to them “Oh ye of little faith!” I think if I were He I would have been just a little disgusted with them, on top of that when they had the chance to stand by Him in the Garden they all dispersed and left him to face His fate alone.

I know of people who have had mighty acts of God happen in their life and yet when push comes to shove they say “I want to see a miracle with my own eyes!” MY GOD sleeping Christian where is your faith? He has always answered prayers, He has given us his Word as a solemn promise, He gave His Son to die for the atonement of our sins and you want your in-grown toenail healed immediately if not sooner and get mad or lose faith because you don’t get the answer you want in the amount of time you have specified!

I am not demeaning your problem or illness or you for needing assurance that God really hears your prayer, I am just asking you to give Him the benefit of the doubt, know that He always has a plan and that according to Romans 8:28 those plans will always work together for our good if we believe in Him. Don’t be like my grandson who knowing his granddad has never let him down, he has always been there and not only that had called to SAY he was there still had to look out the window just to be sure.

Quit looking out the window and close your blinds…He was there all along and He is waiting for you to come out the door and run down the steps to meet Him!


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