My Epitaph for a Friend

This morning at 6AM I opened my phone and hit the Facebook Icon, when it opened the first entry I saw devastated me, and this day has been the most sad I have had since the day my daddy died.

Social Media has made the world in which we live so much smaller than I would have ever thought it could be. I used to wonder about one friend or another from a place we used to live, best girlfriends that I was grieved to leave because the “Church” had ordered my parents to take another pulpit in another town. When I signed up and put my Facebook profile page up I began to get request from friends, then a friend of a friend would see it and make a friend request…places like Tremont Avenue Church of God in Greenville, the town in which I was born when my dad was the associate pastor for my granddad, had a page with faces now associated with names I had heard for all my life. Girl friends from the Chattanooga, and Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee area started making contact and I saw their dear faces and precious memories danced freely through my mind. One friend that I had attended school with but never knew saw a post where I mentioned a “crush” I had on a certain basketball player on the school team and he wrote to me and filled me in on details of school reunions and even knew the person of whom I spoke! Suddenly this old girl began to reconnect with my past as a young girl and the tiny world in which I live for the time being became a little larger.

Not too long ago I got a friend request from a name I didn’t recognize but when he referenced family members and how he had been such a good friend with my uncles so I was tickled to hit “confirm” and we began to message each other. He told me funny stories and touching times and answered prayers and I began to think of him as a close personal friend who was full of wisdom and advice from the Word. Every night he would read my latest blog post and then leave a well thought through comment referencing what I had said in the article. Sometimes he added scripture and a life experience and once even pointed out something that I had failed to mention that in his opinion was very important! I replied to that little reprimand with a 🙂 and a ❤ and when my son, who saw his comment and my answer, asked why I had replied that way since he felt it was a “bad” comment, I laughed and told him that this man was a friend and that if he felt I had left something out I appreciated him reading it well enough to offer an opinion! When a person feels they can trust your friendship enough to tell the truth, yes to me that is a real friend.

Sunday night, May 18, I wrote an article called “Bobby Sox and Eternity”, true to form he read it before he went to sleep and left a comment … I have copied it and I am putting it here for you to read. He said, “Very well stated-. I agree with you completely. I never thought the day would come when the role between my parents & I would be reversed & I would be the one doing the praying & tucking them in. But I have one thing to say- I am glad my Mother taught me how to do it Can’t hardly wait to see her again & tell her how much I appreciate all she did for me while showing me how to grow up as a man serving the Lord. God bless. Sleep tight & I know you have any bed bugs to worry about. lol!”   He wrote that and lay down to go to sleep, during the night Sunday night he had a stroke.

Let me remind you that I have never met this man, to my remembrance, face to face and yet this morning when I saw a post from his daughter saying that he had died during the night I couldn’t stop the tears. It was like losing my daddy all over again.

None of us have the promise of tomorrow, all we know is that God is in control of our situation whatever it is.

So dear reader whoever you are, let me tell you that I appreciate you taking the time to hit a link to read what this servant of Jesus has to say, I don’t take it for granted. Every morning I look at the rising numbers on both of my blog pages and thank God that so many people have given a few minutes of their day to read and pray that in some way I have said something that has encouraged you, given you direction or even made you feel a tiny rebuke from this friend the way I did from mine, his name is Dan Becraft and may God rest his precious soul. I pray that the Lord gives his family the strength to carry on and I have suggested for them to read some of his “mini sermons” he left as comments on this blog.

I wish you a long and happy life and if one day you open this page and I am no longer here just know that I gave loving thought to every word I ever left here for you to read. I wish I knew who every one of you were so I could personally thank you, yes you are right… I am feeling like a sloppy sentimentalist right now 🙂 and Love…

16 Replies to “My Epitaph for a Friend”

  1. Yes, Danny was a friend from all the way to college days in the late 50s. I reconnected with him after all these years on FB and enjoyed our posts. I was saddened this morning as well to read of his passing. Life is so fragile . . .


  2. I read many of Mr.Becraft’s comments which were posted in response to your devotionals. He was gifted spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am very sorry for your loss of this wonderful friend/mentor. His family and you will be in my thoughts and prayers…Have a peaceful night…<3


  3. Beautiful…touched my heart. May you feel Jesus holding you in His arms…may you feel the comfort of the Holy Spirit.


  4. Yes, beautifully written sentiment for Dan, who is so deserving of that praise. The world has lost a good man, but heaven has gained one.


  5. I had miss seeinDan commenting on your devotional ,Now I know why. I too have had bad news (so to speak) from friends from childhood in Blairsville passing away quickly then My Friend since 7th grade another operation (may this save her life) Keep up the good works H. Love you.


  6. Duane and I were up early dealing with a death in our church of a young man of 52 years . Leaving three young children …14,11,and 8 years old…. Then opened your post…Life does seen very fragil ,we must live life to it fullest , and love our family the hardest. I love you Harolene, I know you are cousin by marriage, but you are friend by choice. I love you and I’m so sorry for your pain of loss. Sunny


    1. Thank you Sunny, I love you back… so sorry for the family of the young man… three young children, I will include them in my prayers.. 🙂


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