Out of body? Angels? Yes to both!

mary-and-angel-john-lautermilchHave you ever had an “out of the body” experience? It is an amazing feeling, you are at once exhilarated and frightened, scared that you will not be able to return. I was lying face down on my bed when a feeling came over me. Like waves rushing up and back down from my toes up over my head and back again and with every wave I was more out of my body, looking down at myself. I was mystified at seeing myself there on my bed, the bedside stand with my Bible, a glass of water, all of my surroundings so un-aware that I was floating above and looking down. I contemplated staying outside of my body, but then I spoke the name of Jesus was immediately drawn back into my flesh. I sat up with a start, heart pounding hard. I stood and walked into my front room, sat down in a big black leather chair, pulling my legs up onto the chair forming a place to put my big Dake Bible. I began to pray and was praying for someone who had wanted a baby for almost three years and was losing hope. As I prayed I opened my eyes and there in front of me stood an angel. He began to communicate with me, not by word of mouth but by looking at me straight in the eyes I knew what he was saying. He called the woman’s name and told me that she would be the mother of a son. I was so thrilled that I could hardly wait till morning to tell her the good news! I wondered if this was the way Mary had learned she was to be the mother of Christ! She became pregnant soon afterwards and then it happened, the angel brought me a vision of a big, beautiful baby girl. I knew he was showing me the baby this lady was going to have and was very confused, “mother of a son,” beautiful baby girl, it didn’t match. I told her what I had seen and she was angry with me, as if I had anything to do with it, I was only the messenger vessel, I had no explanation. Ten weeks later I had another vision. In my hand I was holding a tiny baby girl, her head was separate from her body, “Oh NO” I groaned aloud, this was the baby girl now laying waxy and dead on my hand, as I grieved I was told to turn around, I saw a baby boy, dressed in a turquoise pajama, I knew he was hers. I shared this vision and was advised not to tell the lady, as it would upset her, as we were speaking I got a call, she had been rushed to the hospital, she was losing her baby girl. I rushed to the hospital and talked the doctor into letting me see her for a moment, as he was preparing her for emergency surgery, it was a tubal pregnancy. He warned me that she was in shock and probably would not respond, but as I recounted the vision to her, laying there so white, lips and finger nails purple, she didn’t move but suddenly there was a silver tear sliding down her cheek into her ear, I knew she had understood. “You are losing the baby girl” I told her, “But the little boy is still on the way”.  To make this story shorter, I will skip to the “end of the story”…before this couple was even supposed to be having sexual relations, she was feeling sick and everyone thought it was the flu, which was going around. Instead of medicating herself she took a pregnancy test, I guess I don’t have to tell you the results. When the baby arrived, my own little girl had a cold; I didn’t go to the hospital. She took her baby home and when we were all better I went to see him, his grandmother brought him out for me to see, there he was, turquoise onesie and all! When the angel of the Lord visits you for real, whatever you learn will come to pass, or you will learn a lesson of importance to you. Can I explain all that I have told you? Absolutely not, neither can I explain how this computer I am using works, but you are reading me! All I know is that God is good and always looks out for you and takes care of you! Believe…

2 Replies to “Out of body? Angels? Yes to both!”

  1. Touched by An Angel
    ~~Maya Angelou
    We, unaccustomed to courage
    exiles from delight
    live coiled in shells of loneliness
    until love leaves its high holy temple
    and comes into our sight
    to liberate us into life.

    Love arrives
    and in its train come ecstasies
    old memories of pleasure
    ancient histories of pain.
    Yet if we are bold,
    love strikes away the chains of fear
    from our souls.

    We are weaned from our timidity
    In the flush of love’s light
    we dare be brave
    And suddenly we see
    that love costs all we are
    and will ever be.
    Yet it is only love
    which sets us free.


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