Rules and Instructions, What?

imagesI’m thinking that there are very few of us that just love rules and instructions! We buy a new electronic item (there are too many to start trying to list them, you know what they are), take it out of the box and want it to work like it does on the advertisement we saw on TV. When it doesn’t work we want to put it back in the box and take it back to Best Buy, Walmart, Radio Shack or where ever and tell them it doesn’t work and get another one! Let me tell on my self here and this is something that I have told no one in my family so unless they read it here it will remain between you and me, OK? A few weeks ago I decided that what would make my life better would be to buy a Keurig coffee machine; you know the one that makes one cup at a time? I slid it out of the box and since I had used them in different places figured the instructions were simply unnecessary so I tossed them in the box and put all the trash on the back porch with my collection of boxes (don’t ask I promise you do NOT want to know), put water in the pot, the little coffee cup in place and stood back to wait for my coffee! I could hear the water starting to bubble and was waiting for the black gold to come pouring out. The little machine began to scream, kind of, sounded constipated and then one, count it one drip of black liquid plopped into y waiting white mug. I immediately called to my son-in-law that there was something wrong with the machine and he needed to take it back to Walmart from whence it came and get another one, which he did. I was glad I was able to retrieve the box and cardboard packing and got it all back inside. I handed it to Giles with the receipt and told him to hurry!! As I watched him pulling out of the driveway I noticed the little instruction booklet laying on the table, oops I forgot to include it in the box. I sat down and flipped through it when something caught my eye, now remember this is a secret, it plainly said to use only filtered or bottled water in the machine and if regular water got put in it and it wouldn’t work to unplug it, take it to the sink, turn it upside down and empty it all out before putting the right kind of water in it and starting over! OMG I felt so embarrassed…if only I had read that before I tried it out I could have saved a lot of time and trouble! When he came back with the new machine, this one in black instead of red so at least that was good, I put the correct water in it and finally had my wonderful single cup of brewed Folgers Classic Roast, success! I had learned my lesson but it was a lesson I needed to share with fellow users and when I failed to do so another family member did the same thing so thinking we had just gotten another “lemon” I the Keurig line figured it was going to have to be returned. I quickly unplugged it, took it to the sink and following the explicit instructions turned it upside down, emptied it put in filtered water and voila another cup of delicious coffee, lesson taught!

If you break the rules in a game you get your arse tossed out and made to sit on the sidelines and if the offense is severe enough you could be fined, suspended or even banned, anybody remember baseball great Pete Rose?  So I’m wondering why it is we think we can break God’s rules or better yet make up our own as we go? We change the wording of the scripture or find that we have misunderstood the “real meaning” for all the years that scholars have studied the Holy Writ and bada bing we have a whole new set of Christian values! If we could play games that way or better yet if we could write our own diet that way and it worked wouldn’t we all be happy? Sadly if you want to lose weight you have to follow the rules of the diet and exercise to shed the pounds, if you want to win at Chess you have to learn the moves and think before you make them all the while trying to figure out what your opponent is going to do so you can block him, Check, Checkmate!

God gave us a few rules show us how to live a better life now and please God forever. Very simply if we honor Him and treat each other as we would like to be treated life could be good.

When I was a little girl and got a spanking the words I always heard and never believed were “This hurts me more than it hurts you”, and “This is for your own good”. No, I never believed them until I had children of my own and felt the pain of punishing your own flesh.

God isn’t mean and vindictive and “out to get us”, Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

Follow the rules of a loving Father, if you find you have made a mistake don’t try to return the merchandise just read the instruction manual to find out how you can make things right…gotta run, I think I hear my coffee finishing up now!

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