Elvis Lives! (well sort of)

As time goes byAs a little girl sitting on the front pew at church, I took everything in and got my toes stepped on at times by some of the people who demonstrated their joy in the Lord by shouting, they were loud and boisterous and I loved it! There was one older lady who wore her hair in a little bun on the back of her neck and when the Spirit moved her she would stand and “shout her hair down”! My daddy used to tell them, “I don’t mind you shouting loudly or jumping straight up and down as long as when you land you are walking straight!” Well, some did, some didn’t…but isn’t that the case in anything? There are the good, bad and the ugly in every group of people you are in, it just may take a little more discernment to figure some of them out!

My dad could speak from experience about walking straight; he always did even from his youth. As a young and very handsome minister there was always some young lady that the Lord had “spoken to” and told her, for sure, that the preacher was going to marry her. So instead of leaving it to God to make it happen she would usually set out with some plan to “trap” him! One ploy was “needing a ride home from church”. He was smart on it and would never let anyone ride in the front seat with him; if he took them home in his car from church he always had them to sit in the back seat! Isn’t that too funny? Can you imagine that happening today? It would have saved a lot of scandals among people I know if they would have been so straight!

In his youth people referred to my dad as “Cyclone Mushegan”. I heard from a friend of mine who took his wife to “Dollywood” up in the Tennessee Mountains and there, to their surprise, they heard about Cyclone Mushegan, formerly their Senior Bishop! They went to the “Elvis Show” where there is a really wonderful Elvis impersonator. In his show he talked about how Elvis had “gotten his moves” from watching Pentecostal preachers, which I had heard before. As a side note, Elvis had tried out to sing with the Lefevres’ (Eva Mae told us this personally) and they refused him because he had too much tremolo in his voice! In the course of saying whom he was this “Elvis” told the people that he was “from a place you have probably never heard of, Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee.”  The demonstrative church I was speaking earlier was that very church in Daisy where my dad was the pastor for two separate terms! My friends went and spoke to “Elvis” after the show and told him they knew where Daisy was because their Pastor’s dad used to pastor there, his name was Harry Mushegan, they wondered if he had heard of him. This man exclaimed, “Of course I know who he is! People used to come from miles around to watch him preach, he was a WILD man!”  He told them that he had actually seen him turn flips all the way across the stage! Now before you go getting shocked on me, remember that people dress up like hogs and go out in freezing weather wearing no shirts to see a ball game! This was the “era of demonstration” and LORD wouldn’t I love to see SOME type of demonstration now, even if it was just to be KIND to each other!

When Elvis was a young kid sneaking into back doors at concerts because he didn’t have to money to go in, this Cyclone preacher was “doing his thing” at some of those concerts! We used to tease daddy that Elvis was imitating him, and how I wish I could tell him now that we have the living proof…well…ALMOST living proof!

Live every day knowing that God in Heaven sees you. I Thessalonians 5:15 “Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always try to be kind to each other and to everyone else.”

Say goodnight Elvis baby….

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