The Little Kid

I wish there were no reason to write this post tonight, it is the most sad I have been since I wrote about “My Dad’s Glorious Day” when he went to heaven 5-8-13.

Years ago, 1968, I taught a Sunday School class of young children, they were ages 8-10. One Sunday I talked with them about prayer and how we should pray for each other and then I told them that if they had a special prayer request or a problem they could write it on a little slip of paper I gave them and that I would pray over them. I have a Dake Bible that has tear stained pages, many passages underlined in various colors, the binding is coming apart and it has seen a lot of wear and tear. I recorded the birth of my two children and my grandchildren on the inside cover, this Bible was given to me by my grandfather Paulk as a wedding gift when I got married in 1967. There is one thing that has been in the pages of that Bible since that Sunday in 1968 that I have never taken out for any reason, it is the  little paper tucked into my hand and I have prayed over that little slip of paper many times most recently on finding that the child who grew up and became a very good personal friend of mine who wrote it had been diagnosed with cancer. I have put a picture of that little slip of paper here but it is very hard to read because it was written in pencil over 46 years ago, so I will tell you what it says.

At the top of the page there is a heading, it says  “PROBLEM” The next line starts,”I have always been so much smaller than other kids, that they think if I am small I can’t get in the crowd. They say I am too small, that doesn’t make my mind or brain is any smaller than theirs just because my size is small. Sign-the little kid”

When I read that my heart was broken for her, she was a very beautiful and extremely smart child cherished and loved by her parents John and “Billie” Cook. They started coming to the “Gospel Harvester Chapel” when their little girl was three years old.

In 1971 our “little kid” had a heart condition that needed open heart surgery to correct, there was a great chance she was not going to survive but she had a strong will to live and with her parents had great belief and faith in Jesus and His healing power. Long story short(er), not only did she survive, she grew into a beautiful young woman who married a man and the two of them entered the ministry. Against the advice of her doctors and all of us who loved her and maybe didn’t possess the full faith that she and her husband had, she got pregnant… with twins! When she was six months into the pregnancy she was broadsided by a car and the babies were born very prematurely. Once again her life was spared and also the life of two very tiny baby girls. This brave girl and her husband didn’t stop there they had another child, a beautiful baby boy!

With her children grown she decided to follow a dream she had of becoming a flight attendant and worked for Southwest Airlines up until she was diagnosed with this dreadful disease. She called me one morning and was in so much pain with her shoulder and neck it was just unbearable, thinking it was possibly bursitis she went to get checked and heard the diagnosis no one ever wants to hear.

My friend Debbie Cook Williams born February 28,1958 went home to be with the Lord today November 2, 2014. Daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, she will be missed. 13236_10203285588364052_3235939602955176339_n


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3 Replies to “The Little Kid”

  1. Tim told me last night and O how sad. Reading about her life so painful, I too knew her all those years,MISSED can’t express.


  2. This touched my heart as well knowing
    Debbie all these years. I also remember those little girls being born and the prayers going up for them. My prayers for the family in their great loss..


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