A personal letter from me to YOU!

My dear friend,

 I thought I would drop you a line to let you know what’s going on with me and hopefully you will reciprocate!

 The holidays are right around the corner and I am thinking that I want to really “deck the halls” this year and make it very festive. Our Thanksgiving was wonderful! I took requests from everyone for their favorite dish, for my son it was, “just have turkey and dressing, that is all you need to have!” I did brine and roast a 22 pound turkey and baked a 10 pound ham. My grandson had a few more things in mind; there was the broccoli casserole and the deep-dish corn pudding, along with a pan of cornbread. I ended up making all the above along with a lot more and a three layer carrot cake with cream cheese frosting! I do that every year and end up with basically the same menu but at least I know I’ve cooked all the things they love most. Even though daddy is in heaven I did make a big platter of Armenian Pilaf, but I am sure what he had in heaven beat mine out easy!

 My house is in serious need of repairs and a good deep cleaning, it seems like I walk into a room and make a series of turnarounds trying to decide what to throw away first, yes you know me, it’s about time to get another canister and fill it up with all the leftovers in our lives that clutter my space until sometimes I think I’m going to drown in it all! No, I’m not still not quite ready to clean daddy’s space, his clothes are still hanging on the handle drawers, the last jacket and shirt… his bolo ties and shoes with the socks stuck down in them are still where they were left. His office is untouched, papers where he left them, even the Kleenex he was so famous for always having is laying on top of the Bible, which is open to the last scripture he was studying. When I finally sat down to his desk and turned on the computer I saw that he had started on the sermon he would have delivered on May 8, the day he decided to take a very unannounced flight to heaven!

 Mother? Doing fine except she has the notion that her Mama and Daddy have dropped her off here and have been gone a very long time and she is ready for them to come back and get her. She cried all day yesterday because she wanted to “go home” and woke me in the middle of the night calling out for “Mama” loudly! The thing that is sad about that to me is she never mentions the 70 years she and daddy spent together and I am wondering if she will remember as it gets close to New Year’s Eve and their midnight anniversary.  She seems lost and I hope that one of them will come and take her hand when her travel time comes.

 The rest of us are all good, Giles loves his job, even though they had a scare a few weeks ago with a disgruntled employee heading to work with a gun and a promise to shoot as many people as he could! Thank God the tragedy was averted due to his son who heard his dad’s threats and alerted the school principal who in turn contacted the police! Cherita is busy with her work at Cumberland Christian Academy and being the best wife and mom ever! Ara and Tiffany are happy and his Clinic, East-West Spine and Rehab, is thriving. Last but not least my grandchildren are busy with one in the eighth grade and the other taking college courses while working at Jimmy Johns! I continue to be caretaker for them all and knowing this is the best job I have ever had.

 IMG_2744Giles and the kids have our trees up and decorated and the upstairs balcony is draped with lighted garlands. Now if I can inspire them to all sit down with me and watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” the holiday season will be off and running!

 I hope this catches us up but I also wanted to tell you that all your kind words, emails, message and texts, make me feel very special knowing that I may have helped you in some way and that you care for me and think of me, thank you. I pray that your Thanksgiving has been wonderful and I am wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

 Until next time… haro


4 Replies to “A personal letter from me to YOU!”

  1. Thank you for sharing your life with US,May God return the blessings to you that you give to others. LOVE PB


  2. Hi Harolene! I mIss you and all in your family so much! Thanks for sharing a peek into your world. Sounds like your Mother and mine could be long, lost friends! Mine will be 89 on12/31/14., and has had alzheimers for over 16 years. She and my father just missed celebrating their 60th anniversary when he passed 10 years ago. She also thinks her parents are around somewhere. They are the greatest generation in many ways, and we are blessed to have been born to them! I am thankful for being raised by faithful christian, hard working, big hearted, depression surviving, parents!

    I have to share that Sean Jr. has his own business (since graduating college) in Orlando. He does EVENTS all over the country. He is very happy and loving life! Patrick is a senior in college at UT Chattanooga. He is also very happy and loving life! Dylan (now 16) went with a small choral group from his high school to perform Hendel’s “Messiah…Refreshed!” at The Lincoln Center in NYC over Thanksgiving. They were the only participants that were “kids”, as it was mostly adult performers invited to participate from all over the world. He had a blast being in NYC over Thanksgiving and being a part of a most amazing performance. http://lc.lincolncenter.org/shows/210592?show_date=2014-11-30%2014:00:00 My husband, Drew, has been in remission from his leukemia for over 5 years now. He had a bone marrow transplant, and has overcome many things and continues to fight all the after math of it all. We are still living in Brentwood, TN (south of Nashville) and love it here. He makes the ads for the General Auto insurance…you know, the little cartoon guy? I am working remotely from home for an Architectural & Interior Design firm, and doing Sean Jr.’s accounting for his event planning business. God is good…
    If you ever want to come visit this area, we are just North of Franklin, and just south of Nashville, and have plenty of space for guests in our home. I am happy to be your bed & breakfast any time…you won’t have to cook a thing!
    Hope all your holiday wishes come true this year – no matter how BIG or small! Love you & miss you…Lorrie


    1. It is so good to hear from you and shocking that the “boys” are so grown up!! I am hoping that when I hit the link in your note that it will have that music on it? Yes I know the little cartoon general and I a so happy that Drew is doing so well. Hearing from you makes me homesick for the “old days” we did have a lot of fun didn’t we? Mother isn’t doing very well right now so just keep us in your prayers! Stay in touch and who knows I may make a road trip and land right on top of you! HA HA! Love you and give my love to the guys, especially my “hair dresser”! 🙂


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