I love you, haro

DSCI0278For me May 8, 2013, and Christmas Day 2014 were the saddest days of my life. The first was the day my dad finished his mission on this earth, his desire was to show people who God was a God of love not hate, a God of compassion and love not punishment and retribution, and the many who loved him would tell you he was successful. He never refused to go and pray for anyone whether they were lying in an alley or in a palatial mansion to him everyone was equal. The second was only five days ago as I write and I like to think that mother went to have Christmas dinner with daddy and just didn’t come back, she went on home. I have said much over the past months and days about them and there is so much more that could be said, however today I have decided to post this little video tribute to the two of them who celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary together in 2013 before he left in May. Their story came back to my mind today as I talked with a very lovely woman in customer service for ATT concerning a telephone number that I needed to release. She was very helpful and had a very interesting story of her own parents meeting that I will retell you later. My parents will enjoy their anniversary this year together again, in heaven! I hope you enjoy these few moments of their life captured to be able to enjoy indefinitely!  Daddy and Mother I salute you in Heaven, you are whole and able to leap and turn flips like I used to see you do when I was a little girl and I know that the two of you are holding hands and rubbing noses! I love you both so much, your first-born, haro


8 Replies to “I love you, haro”

  1. Such a moving and sweet tribute to your parents. Thank you for sharing.
    Love you sweet lady.

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  2. So sweet. I know your heart is hurting and so heavy. I have tears in my eyes.Thanks for sharing. You are In my prayers.

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  3. That was absolutely wonderful! What a beautiful tribute. Thank you so much for sharing that.

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  4. Love the tribute to Bishop & Sister Myrtle, you said it Bishop never met anyone he didn’t Love like the Lord and he said it. Sister Myrtle mothered all who would let her. Never in my openion was there so much love as this since Jesus Loved .Thanks again for sharing..

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