Turn, turn, turn

Photo 155Tonight the preacher that stood to minister to the congregation announced his sermon by saying if there were one word he could use to describe what he would be speaking of it would be “Circumstances” and made the very valid point that the enemy of our souls uses circumstances to divert our attention away from our faith so that we continue to suffer, forgetting we could call on God for help in prayer. And then he said something that I often say, that he had been wakened by the words of a song going through his head, those words were “turn, turn, turn”. If you are in my peer group you will recognize, and may even be able to hear somewhere in the back of your mind the “Byrds” singing, “To everything, turn, turn, turn, There is a season, turn, turn, turn, and a time for every purpose under heaven…” Of course you probably recognize that the song was taken from the Bible, Ecclesiastes chapter 3.

Before the minister began to speak he took several moments recalling a person in the congregation that had mentored, or been a “mother in the spirit” to him and taught him and helped him in his early days as a Christian, and many other wonderful words, and the person of whom he spoke was this writer. I was humbled and didn’t feel deserving of all the praise but it fell on my soul as rain on dry earth and watered my spirit. I began to remember the “circumstance” that brought us together…

It was raining the night I was called to go to an emergency room where this young man who was a teen-ager then, was in very serious condition having run through a glass door. I remember walking in and seeing his expression change when he saw my face. I prayed with him and from that time forward we became close friends. In those days I was the one standing and teaching, leading the prayers and now things have “turned” as he is the one bringing the Word.

When you make an investment of time in a person it’s like planting a crop that doesn’t bloom and give you corn or wheat in the next day or week after you plant it, you have to water it and care for it in order to reap the fruit of your labors. You never know exactly when your time of harvest will come, but believe me, it will come so don’t give up.

So tonight was my time to reap and the fruit was listening to a wonderful sermon given by a man in whom I had invested time and love and many prayers. Thank you Kenneth “Kenny”, it was definitely worth it and I love you too!


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  1. More seed that you have planted and watered will come forth, my son Timothy is one of them . He always mentions you in talking about receiving the HOLY SPIRIT at the tinder age of 13..Iam also grateful for the friendship and love shown by all the MUSHEGANS, LOVE PB

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