and then when you least expect it…

IMG_2511It can be good bad or indifferent, but it does come back to you, the way a boomerang comes back to the one who throws it.

Since I was a little girl I have heard my dad use a scriptural misquote, both in sermons and at the table: “Cast your bread upon the waters and after many days it will return unto you pound cake!” Well King James literally says: Ecclesiastes 11:1 Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days.

I have seen financial miracles happen all my life, from the time I was just a small girl hearing my dad cry out to the Lord for help and having help come in the form of someone coming to the door with food or money, and sometimes via a letter in the mail.

I remember a time when I was eight, just old enough to worry, that I heard my daddy praying such a prayer. The very next day a letter came in the mail that looked like it had been through a war zone it was so beat up! It was simply addressed to Harry Mushegan, Tennessee. From all the post-marks on it that letter had traveled from Los Angeles, Ca., to Tennessee, to N.C., S.C. and back to Tennessee forwarded by people that thought they knew where he was. The day it reached him was the day he needed it most, the amount of money he had prayed for so earnestly. To my young mind that was a perfect example of “casting your bread upon the waters”, he made it clear to us that as He had always been a giver and a helper, in turn, God inspired the person who sent the letter to send it so that it would reach him just at the right time. He passed on to me the need to give to God, not because we expected return, but because we want to, but the results have always been the same, we have seen God move on our behalf over and over again.

I hear people say “No good deed goes unpunished,” meaning that anytime they try to do well or help someone it seems that something always goes wrong. That may be the case sometimes and I think it’s a roadblock put there by Satan who is trying to deter us and keep us from being blessed.

Recently something happened that was a return, for me, after many years. It was something I had completely forgotten about, God allowed me to see a prophecy come to fruition and have it recognized by the person who had received it. I used to conduct a prayer meeting on Friday night, it was a wonderful time, a time for people to come and have their personal needs prayed for, or just to seek a closer walk with God. One night a young man, 18, came for prayer and the Lord used me to give him a Word. That was 33 years ago, I had never thought of it again, until this man gave a testimony of how God has prospered him in business from taking a job right out of high school to becoming the VP of a major company that is known world-wide. In this testimony he recited what he had been told, he had remembered it all these years, praise be to God!

I had the feeling lately that nothing I had done was of any real value and I pray over what I say in this venue to you, the Reader, hoping that your life will be touched or changed. I’m not looking for any praise, just the knowledge that I am using the talent or gift that God has given me to be of service in His Kingdom, and He used this testimony to remind me of something from long ago, the bread of time and prayer and effort, returned to me the pound cake of blessing, the knowing that I had, by being a yielded vessel of the Lord, helped somebody as I passed along.

This is what I am saying to you, Cast the bread of good deeds, a smile, a random act of kindness, offerings to the Lord, both of your personal time and your money, and see it come back to you, and I promise you it will!

Go look for your bread!

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  1. I remember those prayer meetings(SO GREAT) This morning I need a prayer answered for my Children. Thank you H for all you stand for, Love you PB

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