This mother’s tender heart, not so tender right now!

IMG_0200You may think of me as an old softie when it comes to children, old people, underdogs, and animals! I wrote about trying to inform the squirrels that the wonderful place they were choosing for their Spring nest was a prime place for the resident hawks to pluck up their babies to have as a succulent treat for their dinner! Heck I even wrote a blog about how I took an elevator ride with a roach and saved his life! I’m sure you know there is a “however” coming and you would be correct…

I am about to go on a warpath with the possums and raccoons that are causing me extreme angst! Yesterday evening I went downstairs and saw that one of my bags of trash/garbage had been shredded and the contents spread all over lower porch. One thing I couldn’t understand was how several members of the family had entered the house without noticing that they were stepping over empty yogurt containers, used tea bags and a pile of coffee grounds! Amazing isn’t it? I decided to relinquish being a nagging parent and pick it all up myself. I got it cleaned up and came back inside, but that isn’t the end of the story, this morning I took another bag down and there it was again! Trash pulled out everywhere! I cleaned it up yet again and was happy knowing that today is the day the collectors come to take it away!

No more tender stories about how sad it is to see road-kill, no sir, this card carrying ASPCA member is done with being sweet and Mr. Roach had better watch out because next time I see him he is so dead!

I am preparing to leave for a date with a pulpit in South Georgia for the Mother’s Day message, pray for me please and I will probably not post again until tomorrow night! Happy Mother’s Day to all you dear Mom’s out there! 🙂

2 Replies to “This mother’s tender heart, not so tender right now!”

  1. Mad me laugh, wondered just when you would have THE WAKE UP CALL. GOD BLESS and have a great day,5-10-2015.

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