Can you change History? I say NO!

I watched a documentary this morning about a church that is celebrating their 100 years as a church. They were the first Church of God in the city of Atlanta and before it was known by its present name it had another name, which was mentioned in the piece. It is a wonderful church and has done a lot of good, that being said, you can’t change history and whoever put this piece together left out one of the pastors! This pastor was there for many years and under his leadership it grew to be the mighty church that the pastor, who talks about being appointed to that church at the Assembly in 1960, was able to take forward. It isn’t mentioned that it was under my uncle’s leadership that the property where the mighty fortress stands today on the corner of Mount Paran Road and Northside Parkway was purchased. My uncle’s name was Earl Pearly Paulk, Jr. and although his latter years were clouded with scandal I feel that a lot of good men have done wrong that haven’t been erased from history!

There are two days of the year that you can do nothing about, one of them is yesterday and the other is tomorrow! I can’t change what happened yesterday no matter how hard I try, the only thing I have control over is the moment I am in as I sit here typing right now!

Point in fact is you can’t change history, it is what it is.


2 Replies to “Can you change History? I say NO!”

  1. There is a LOT that can be done to the “reporting” of History… as we are seeing a LOT of recently!
    But it does not change the TRUE EVENT. We can lie to ourselves and/or others about what happened. And we can ‘hide’ information that shows a different story from ‘our’ story. So, as you speak of, we can TELL History almost any way we ‘want it ti be’… but it doesn’t change the truth.
    The Future we cannot ‘control’ but we CAN change it! We can even change our ETERNITY! (-;
    I try to help people “change the future” every week! Thru learning proper English, help with school work, encouragement with a job and life choices, and of course, by having Christ in their Lives!
    Of course NONE of our Future is “guaranteed” except death. And we never “know” our future… just as I did not “know” my Heart Attack was coming 2 weeks ago! But what I do in my recovery can change my future health and Lifestyle.
    So, what has already happened can NOT be changed…whether a thousand years ago or ten minutes ago… But we can change how we tell the story. Tomorrow cannot be controlled nor guaranteed, but it CAN be changed by the choices we make today!

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