More adventures in California!

Only the adventures of Ted and Bill, or the misadventures of Thelma and Louise could rival what my sister and I have just been through!

IMG_1092We have had a wonderful day out here is beautiful Los Angeles! After hurtling along at break-neck speed in bumper-to-bumper traffic we made it to Glendale where we were treated to a feast of a lunch at a restaurant, Rafi’s, which featured fabulous Armenian cuisine! It started with the Armenian flatbread, lavosh, eaten with madzoon (creamy yogurt) that was laced with shallots, a plate of herbs, onions and radishes, and humus and then I was served a plate of beef kabob served with cherry rice and grilled tomato and green pepper! Needless to say the greater portion was brought back to our hotel room in a box and I plan to make those leftovers my lunch for tomorrow! All of that was courtesy of a very generous cousin!

This evening we were again treated to a meal prepared by my cousin’s husband and it was a delicious salmon stuffed with shrimp and crab… needless to say when I come back to Atlanta I will need to fast for several days to get rid of all the calories I have consumed in the past few hours!

All of that was only the backdrop for the real treat of the day, which was to visit with loved ones we haven’t seen in many years and catch up on all the family gossip!

And then it happened! We left my cousin’s home in a beautiful van graciously loaned to us with our directions in hand to return to our hotel and there the adventure begins. We followed the directions and got on the right highway and drove, and drove and drove and drove and drove right through about three city limits! From San Demas to Glendora and Pomona and were just having a marvelous conversation before we realized we had been driving for over 30 minutes for a destination that should have taken fifteen minutes at the outside in the worst traffic! I decided to turn around, and you know what happens to me? I tend to get tickled and laugh at inappropriate times and this was one of those! I had turned around and was backtracking, knowing I had not made a wrong turn but had missed one somehow. Just as my sister was picking up the phone to call our cousin and ask her where we were, I prayed and said, “Lord transport us to the right street please!” and then I told her to wait until we passed one more street before she made the embarrassing call, and the next one was the right one! We were finally on the right track! I did tell her that I drove all that way on purpose for the adventure of it, she didn’t buy it for a minute… I am a terrible liar!

More important than all the food or misadventure of lost streets is that I felt like the reason we came was accomplished as we prayed for my cousin to receive complete healing, having already agreed as our home church prayed for her tonight!

So you see all is well as I sign off at 2:33 Atlanta time I say nite nite to all of you traveling with us via the Internet!

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