What comes next?

Today, September 14, is a special day. For one thing it is my son-in-laws birthday and he is a wonderful person, a great and loving husband to my daughter and dad to my grandchildren! But September 14 is also the day many years ago that I was only nine months old and was thrown through the windshield of the car my dad ran into the abutment of a bridge because he was so weary he fell asleep. The newspaper in Logan, West Virginia pronounced that three people were killed on that winding mountain road but obviously I am still alive and my parents lived to be ninety-five and ninety! On another September 14 when my son was ten years old his appendix had burst and he was not given much chance to live as it had gangrened and was poisoning his entire body, again we had a miracle and he is a Chiropractic doctor with a thriving practice. I tell you that so that I can praise God for all the wonderful things He has done for us, but now I want to change gears and mention something I was thinking about today, three days after we all talked about what happened September 11, 2001.

I read all the wonderful words about 9/11/01, all the prayers sent up for relatives, first responders, the souls of the lost, the children being raised without parents, all the above and more and I am wondering if this is like all the people that go to church on Easter Sunday when everyone buys a new outfit and goes to celebrate Jesus being raised from the dead after three days and sing “Up From The Grave He Arose!” These Easter service attenders will tell you in a heartbeat that they are Christians and I believe them, just asking you to let me rant on for a moment and wonder about what happens to the rest of the year? Thanksgiving comes and sometimes there is a special service for that, but people always say a prayer around the family table for the blessings of the past year. Christmas is just around the corner, we give gifts and have parties and go to church and celebrate the birth of the Savior of the world, but sometimes the guest of honor isn’t even invited to some of the affairs that we put on! With all that being said, and please forgive me if I have offended you, I wondered if we will continue to remember to pray the prayer from 2 Chronicles 7:14 Then if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.

I just don’t want to be guilty of letting the mental picture I have of our Lady Liberty looking less and less like the picture of love, hope and prosperity standing with welcoming arms the way my own grandparents saw her as they came into this country at Ellis Island, begin to look more like a poor, ragged woman grown bitter and weak from the misuse of politicians who are willing to sell her to the highest bidder, and citizens who are too busy to take notice that their freedoms are slipping through their fingers like sand. As I took a long ride through my beloved hometown of Atlanta I looked at all the tall buildings, a lot of which my own children’s father designed, and one by one find they have been sold to other countries. Get out your history books and find out what happens when the people let their freedoms be taken away without noticing, until it is too late, then they are gunned down in public squares for being “radical”, all because they realize they are living in a state of socialism or communism. The Armenian people let their weapons be taken away because a government convinced them they would “protect” them, then when they were helpless to defend their own homes they were slaughtered! Oh My God, we cannot let this happen to us! While we still have the memories in our head of screaming ambulances and police cars, people running, jumping out of windows, dying in stairways and trapped in elevators, trying to reach loved ones for a final farewell; let us hold hands, be united in our prayers, stand up to those who would say we are not a Christian nation and pray.

I am exhausted with all the thoughts that have assaulted about that terrible day in our history. I am sick that there is a Mosque being built so near that site, to me it is like seeing our country in a prone position with the boot of the enemy on our neck holding us firmly to the ground. Would you think it anti-Christian to bar someone that murdered your family from your dinner table? In the spirit of Jesus who said to pray for our enemies, I say we pray we don’t have to let them have a sign of their triumph over us so close to the grave of the ones they slaughtered in their attempt to bring us to our knees!

I say arise America seek God and pray that our land will be restored; our homeless and our sick will get the money that is being poured into other lands.

I end this tirade by saying, God bless America, please!

2 Replies to “What comes next?”

  1. I’m in total agreement with you. Stand up America ! Let your faith be known NOW before it is TOO LATE!

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  2. ABSOLUTELY!! “God bless America, please!” I sure enjoyed being reminded of these tings that happened on this date. Awesome!

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