Where is God in all this?

My grandson was diagnosed with diabetes when he was only four years old and he is now fourteen, so for ten years he has had to have his finger pricked to make it bleed to check his insulin level and had to have shots with every meal and before bedtime until he got the pump this summer which he wears in different places on his young body. He hated having to get the shots when he was younger and one night he got really upset, he put his little hands on his hips and stomped his foot and said, “I hate having diabetes! I am through with it?” Then he turned on his parents who were standing together in the kitchen and said, “Why did you give it to me?” I felt very sad for him and for his parents, who couldn’t help the fact that he had juvenile diabetes and hated it for him as much as he hated it for himself.

I thought about that little act of frustration and it dawned on me that is exactly the way we are with God! It seems that when anything that goes wrong we turn on Him and want to know WHY!

I am printing part of a letter that was written to me along with my answer because I feel that it isn’t just this person’s problem, we all have times that we do not feel close to God and we wonder where He has gone? I hope this will help if you are having this problem and I would love to hear your thoughts.

Hey Harolene!
I hope you are doing well. I wanted to say I want the Lord so much in my life. It’s not like He’s not there but I feel a void. I used to see His awesome power all the time. Used to see it abundantly. Now it just seems like that relationship that we had, that power that I saw is a distant memory. For the first time, I wonder if God will come through. Is that wrong. I know He will I just wonder where is His wonder working power? Why and how has the world’s complacency and lack of hope won? Thoughts?
Thanks! And if I don’t talk to you, I will see you Sunday.

My answer:

OK (xxxxx) let me hit you up with some hard thoughts. What causes two people to grow apart? The  number one reason is lack of communication, when you stop talking you grow cold towards each other. It doesn’t mean you don’t love the other person, you just don’t “have anything in common with them anymore“. Number two, like Adam and Eve, when you are doing things you know are not right you tend to hide behind the bushes so that you won’t be seen! You realize that you are naked and you would rather just be “out of sight, out of mind”. When you are hiding from God you need to remember that being covered in the blood of Jesus keeps you from being naked. When we start letting other things become more important than our relationship with our partner in life then that person tends to feel neglected, non-important, so they just quit coming around and it is the same with God! If you get in real trouble, as you said, they will help you (this poor man cried and the Lord heard and saved him out of all his troubles, from the Psalms) but you don’t feel the closeness of relationship any longer. So how do you get it back? Mend some fences. GO back to where you actually laid down your cross and pick it back up. You know in your heart that I have been perfectly honest with you. I love you and know that you have immense talent and that God has a plan and purpose for your life even when things seem to be going wrong! Read the story of Joseph to see how God can turn something bad in your life into something good, or the story of Samson or many others in the Bible and read them over and over until your heart illuminates with the truth. Also, I am asking your permission to use your message in my blog as I feel this is not a problem that only affects you but many others as well.  Love, Harolene

If you have felt that God has left you all alone, just look up, He is right where you left Him!

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