Ever feel like you need to wash your mind’s eye?

When I was very young, about seven, we had some members in the church who were lucky enough to have a TV!  It was a big deal to have a TV in the 50’s! On Friday night there was a show called “The Life of Riley” that starred William Bendix and sometimes they would invite us over there to watch that show. The child of the family, who was my age, would get up during every commercial and turn the TV off so they would not see a commercial about smoking or drinking! At least they did that when we were there and even as a kid I did wonder if they did it when no one was there but them? I’m not criticizing them I’m just saying I wouldn’t have turned it off no matter who was there if I had a choice because I was so happy to see those little figures moving around on that magic screen that I would watch anything! One of my mother’s sisters had a TV set and they would call us from where they lived in Athens (Tennessee) and say, “Hey y’all come watch TV with us tonight, the reception is so good that you can almost see their eyes! We didn’t have a set until I was ten and that was a twelve-inch screen in a wooden cabinet, my brother and I thought we were in heaven! We would even watch the Gillette Friday night fights just to be watching it! Then there was Adventure Theatre that came on in the evenings and the Popeye cartoon show, but our favorite thing to watch on that little box, from inside a 16 foot trailer that was sitting on a gravel parking lot of the church my parents were pastoring in downtown Chattanooga, was The Oral Roberts Tent Meetings. I remember that we sat spell-bound watching the miracles that happened as Brother Roberts would pray, sometimes getting so tired that he would have to sit in a chair as people walked by for him to touch them. I honestly believe that the ministry our parents planted in us at birth, and watching those services watered us growing up as PK’s. Now you have to be careful even changing the channels because there is so much garbage on that it can just slam you in the face! I remember one evening when my grandson was four, just old enough to get the remote and change channels that I was cooking supper and suddenly I saw the most pornographic scene that I could ever have imagined! Gabriel was sitting there looking intently at the TV screen; I went running as fast as I could to change the channel and couldn’t get it to change, finally having to turn it off to get rid of the scene because he had flipped onto the On Demand and hit the “purchase” button and that was that! What if I had not been there to stop that? No telling what that little child would have sat there and watched! That was ten years ago and I quickly installed parental guides that only I had the code so that couldn’t happen again!

The devil is trying from every angle possible to suck us into his devices and if he can get our mind into the proverbial gutter, he will because getting into our mind’s eye is the first step to trying out some of these antics, remember that the eye is the window of the soul!

I didn’t know where I was going, just rambling, I’ve actually been watching college football most of the day, but decided it was time to say, “Be careful what you see because it stays in there for a long time!”

Why is it that my grand children can quote words from songs that I can’t even understand a word they’re saying and then have to have their Bible memory verse pounded into them and it is so hard for them to remember? Because the devil makes his stuff taste like chocolate and look like cotton candy and they gravitate toward the sweet! We have to be aware of what’s going into their mind and heart. Just because you love the Lord and know His Word, does not mean that they will just “get” it, they have to be taught. Let’s teach them well, our future depends on it!

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