Did you ever think about suicide?

The Holidays are a time that I tend to get a little sentimental, maybe we all do because we think of the loved ones who are no longer with us and this year will mark the first time in my life that neither of my parents will be sitting at the table for our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. My Christmas was always fun and doubly so because it is also my birthday! I loved celebrating with Jesus and when I was a little girl I thought it meant that I must be special to be chosen to share Jesusโ€™ birthday!

One Christmas day our family made the trip to Baxley for the funeral of a relative that had committed suicide. I have heard that more people commit suicide during the Christmas Holidays than any other time so I did some reading to find if it was true and why. For one thing I found out that there actually are more DOA s on Christmas Day than any other time of the year and the reason is actually a logical one. People ignore symptoms they are having because they don’t want to ruin anyone’s holiday or cause a problem if it is simply indigestion so they let it go and suddenly they have the “big one.” That is something that could happen to any of us, and I totally understand why anyone wouldn’t want to ruin a holiday with “indigestion”.

But I want to take on the subject of suicide and I would love input from any of you who have ever had thoughts about it. I looked up the word. The dictionary says that it is an intentional taking of one’s own life but there is another kind of suicide that happens when a preacher gets caught in a situation that costs him his pulpit, a politician loses his position, or a beauty queen her crown, as happened to one of our Miss Americas when pornographic photos were published starring her!

It is said that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. When the devil, and yes I said the devil, talks to you, you may not recognize him because he may sound exactly like your current significant other, your exacting boss, or someone who is holding a secret over your head with threats to tell on you. Maybe he sounds like the bill collector telling you that if your rent isn’t paid on time you will be evicted and there is always the chance that he sounds like an abusive parent or spouse. Sometimes when you have been a victim of a crime, especially rape, you feel like you have been so violated that you cannot live. Whatever the problem is the solution is not taking your own life. The devil wants to steal your life so you cannot continue to live and take care of your children or be with your friends, or find that your problem is solved to the Glory of God.

1 Peter 5: 6-8 So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor. Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you. Stay alert; watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around, like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.

When you realize that the devil just wants you for his next meal, it should make you want to stand up and fight for your life!

If your life is a mess and you can’t handle it anymore, why don’t you just “wrap it all in the rags of your life and lay it at the cross, Let Christ make, Something beautiful, something good, all my confusion He understood, all I had to offer Him was brokenness and strife, but He made something beautiful out of my life!”

Before you give in to the devil and leave your loved ones to grieve, give yourself to God and see what He can do with you!

3 Replies to “Did you ever think about suicide?”

  1. My nephew, as you know just left this world. He was really a stranger to me, but my heart breaks for the grief his parents and only brother must be experiencing. My heart also breaks, I think for the fragmented state of the family.

    He jumped from the bridge on Sunday but the extended family was not notified until Tuesday. My brother didn’t call my Mom or other brother who live an hour from him, but called my sister in Colorado. My Mother made contact with him, they hadn’t had much contact since an email exchange that created hurt feelings. My brother said though that even with that behind them, when my Mother found out, she came as soon as she could.

    You know I’ve been separated from my husband for 3 months now. It’s a transitional time and I don’t regret my decision to leave one bit, however was quite blindsided when my 33 year old daughter was broken hearted over my decision and the aftermath of my leaving was a breakdown in our relationship, my son in law asked me to leave his family alone. That was hurtful but I survived to thrive. I know when God heals this it will be healthier than it was.

    I got this new job at work and love it, but the’ve put me on a probation type disciplinary action because I am not fast enough to suit them. I know it’s a formality and a numbers game, but the emotion connected is negative. I signed that paperwork just before I found out about my nephew.

    Nope, even with all that happening over the past 2 weeks I never once, not for one moment considered suicide. But in my life, I have.

    My first suicide attempt was at 12. I took a bunch of contact cold pills and after passing out, woke up to a Dr. telling me, “You’re a stupid girl, but you’re gonna be ok.” My Mother said, “I’m not going to hit you while you’re sick, but when you get well….” It was a few days later that she did “cut the blood out of me” as she called it. She wore herself out that day and I steeled myself and would not cry. She cried. She said, “Why won’t you cry? You’re too hard hearted to cry” I said, “big girls don’t cry.” That night I cried myself to sleep and made one of those promises to myself. NO ONE WILL EVER HURT ME LIKE THIS AGAIN! Well, I wouldn’t cry again until many years later.

    On New Year’s Day this year I attended the first of what now is 5 family funerals. On the way, I stopped at their tiny LaGrange, GA mall and found a shirt, Enjoy your life it says and is decorated with my birthstones. God and me had a heart to heart right there in the Belk store. None of us know when our dash will complete. But I knew, it came to me there my passion and purpose for what is left of my dash is to pour the love of Jesus into future generations. I have emerged as a storyteller. I found East West Church in May and God is moving in a mighty fashion as is His custom.

    What I told my husband in my meeting with him and his Pastor in what was somewhat of an intervention was that there is a higher call on my life than to sit by and watch him commit a slow suicide with pills and cigarettes. My sister in law said I was so conceited, but it’s true. It’s just the plain truth. I know what it took to leave the lifestyle of addiction and I told him months ago that I hope before he dies he gets to experience the freedom that I walk in. Harolene, I didn’t mean to get so wordy, but gurl, you just pull it out of me. I am so happy to be part of our East West Family.

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