of the Crocodile variety

Croc-o-dile tears noun, plural noun: crocodile tears, tears or expressions of sorrow that are insincere.

When I was a little girl my brother and I got a spanking very Sunday night after church. No my dad wasn’t cruel, mean or abusive, he was the pastor of the church and if his children were the ones on the front seat who were talking during his sermon how could he do less that to make us remember next time we were sitting on the front seat at church that if we talked we would be punished. Somehow it wasn’t harsh enough deter us or it would not have continued for so long. Generally after the spanking was over and our bottoms were warm he would pray with us and then offer us something to drink to “cool us off”, and the drink I remember most was bottled 7-UP (do they still make that?)

I have a reason in sharing that little slice of my life with you, it  is so you would know why he said something that I overheard which absolutely hurt my feelings to the core. One Sunday night after the ministration of the weekly spanking was done I overheard him tell my mother, “Harolene cried a few “crocodile tears” to try and get out of her spanking. CROCODILE TEARS, I thought, no sir they were very real.

I saw some tears shed publicly, or at least a finger dabbed at the eye, this past week that felt very much like crocodile tears to me.

There is nothing more disturbing to me than a person who comes across as insincere.

Too soon?

Too late?

Romans 12:9 Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good.

Don’t be sucked into a lie because someone sheds a tear, it just might be one of the crocodile variety!



6 Replies to “of the Crocodile variety”

  1. If you think about it, crocodile tears are just another way of lying. I hate to be lied to more than anything else.

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  2. I gotta differ with you on this one.

    I cannot judge the man’s heart so easily. And the event that he says triggers his response certainly is an event to cry over. And in fact is so horrific as to overwhelm the display of tears you saw this week. IF that is disingenuous, it is so minor in comparison that the criticism of the tears sticks out as rather ugly.

    I am not going to argue that the man is genuine. I don’t know him personally at all. However, if consistency is any indicator, then he appears genuine on that front at least.

    This is not an endorsement of the man or his policies. I did not vote for him. But I really must let God judge the tears and the heart. The policies, and so forth, are up for grabs. Stick to criticizing that.

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      1. Yeah… I struggled with the same thoughts when I saw it too. Here’s what I mean: I really like Hollywood movies. Tom Hanks is aces in my book. He’s not the only one. Tom Sisemore is a terrible drug addict, but in Saving Private Ryan, he has me convinced that if we just follow him and do what he says, we will be okay… And then he dies. And the funny thing is, that movie makes me cry.

        But then I watched Birdman with Michael Keaton last year, and there is a scene where the actors act in a play and re-deliver their lines with different interpretations. That scene shows you what a good actor is. They bring completely different moods to the same lines all in a few seconds, and somehow they demonstrate to those of us who are not actors just exactly what good acting looks like.

        But then if you ever see a lame movie or perhaps a community theatre where the actors are not the top of their game or the state of the art, and you see how forced it all looks. With sympathy, we might still manage to enjoy some of these works of amateur art, but you definitely see the difference.

        But then here’s the ting: Actors are by definition hypocrites. Hmmm…

        When I saw the tears, I thought it looked like amateur theatre too. But I realized that whether faking or real, the man has always made his stand right there. That’s when I decided to take a bit of fresh perspective. I just don’t really think he takes the matter lightly. I always take people at face value and work with what they give me. Call me gullible if you must, but I think the world needs more trust in it, not less. I am aware that people can lie to me, and when that becomes obvious, I will call it out. But this is merely a matter of heart – the tears.

        That said, the policies that man is promoting are also almost by definition a matter of public debate. In fact that is what motivates him, it would seem, to take his message to TV the way he did. And at that level we are invited by him to judge. He is fair game on that level.

        And as a Christian, I want to pray for the man. He is our leader, like it or not. I hope his tears are real. The children he cried for deserve them. And really, I join the man in those tears.

        Thank you for your post.

        I am blessed.


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      2. So many good thoughts here. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I value your opinion because I like your blog!


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