I am a very proud Mom!

IMG_0012As I write this it is still the evening of February 5, so tomorrow, February 6 is my son’s birthday, the day that a prophecy and a miracle was fulfilled, I want to give you a little background here:  The last time my grandfather Mushegan visited us I was standing in the kitchen washing dishes, I heard “Pop” come into the kitchen and turned around to see if he needed something. He looked at me in a way that I knew either he had a Word of Prophecy for me or he was going to correct me about something. He began to speak and I was stunned at what he told me.

At that time I had one child, a daughter eight years old and my grandfather was telling me that I was going to have a son, and that he was going to be a great blessing and a lot of things that foretold the wonderful person that he is and more about what he will become in the future. I was totally surprised at his words because I had not asked him for prayer, and had no plans to have another child, yet he gave this powerful prophecy that left me a little stunned and wondering about why he had told me this.

That was in May of 1978, he died February 11th and was buried on Valentine’s Day 1979.  This shows you that just because the Prophet dies, his word does not die with him if it truly came from God.

A few months went by and my sister Janet was expecting her first-born, I was very happy for her and I was looking forward to being an Auntie again, with no thought of the Prophecy, actually I think it had slipped to the back of my mind and since it had not already happened I probably was thinking that it would NOT happen. I woke up one morning feeling queasy and still didn’t think about being pregnant, but on second thought I took a pregnancy test, it was positive. I went to the doctor to confirm that I was indeed pregnant! As I sat at the desk across from him, he looked up at me and suggested that I was close to the age that he would normally suggest having an amniocentesis to make sure the baby is healthy. He also explained that having that test may cause a spontaneous abortion and then he asked me what I wanted to do. I answered him by telling him the story I just shared with you and then I added, “You will see, this baby will be healthy and it will be a boy!” he looked up at me over his half glasses with the look of a cynic on his face and said “Well we’d all like to think that, wouldn’t we?” I told him he could take it to the bank, that when my grandfather spoke it always came to pass. Proof positive came when Ararat Mushegan Leguizamon was born on February 6, 1981 almost two years to the day of this great-grandfather’s death.

This young man certainly has a great purpose in life and he has worked very hard. Is he smart? You can bet on it…but he has not gotten by on just being smart, he has worked and studied hour upon hour night after night studying and along with that hard study he put in a lot of prayer time He loves God and he loves his family, his church and his music…but I believe that his main love is to see people gain their health under the care of his own hands, those hands that God has blessed so beautifully. He has a very successful Chiropractic Clinic on the EW Connector, East West Spine and Rehab and if you go to him you will receive the work of a doctor that graduated first in his class, the Valedictorian and who is full of the Spirit of God.

Now ask me one more time, AM I PROUD? You bet your aching back I am!

3 Replies to “I am a very proud Mom!”

  1. I love you, Harolene. I will respond in a lengthier manner when I get into the house. Right now I am sitting in the car reading you.

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  2. I am eager to learn all I can about your wonderful family. Wednesday was the bolstering that I needed to survive this week. I clocked out a little after 9:45, went to Wal-Mart and to the condo I am sharing with my friend while I transition from married to single, and now am back at the apartment I am temporarily inhabiting while my future roommate prepares for surgery on her broken foot.

    So all of that to say this: I am again, like at Christmas time left feeling pulled in many directions and just want to go home, but not sure where that is exactly. So my belongings are scattered, but I’m pretty stable, looking to God to direct my every step and this is where he has me.

    Happy birthday to your son and don’t forget happy birthing day to YOU.

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