I believe in yesterday

Coming home tonight I turned on one of my favorite playlists, one of my favorites because I have many favorite playlists as my taste in music, as in literature is eclectic, that being said, this particular playlist starts with a Streisand classic, Luciano Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma! Then silence, and Michael Bolton begins to sing it, “Yesterday, all my trouble seemed so far away…” It didn’t strike me because I am sad about anything except the fact that so many years have gone by since I first heard that song and so many off my loved ones have gone from my life by distance, misunderstanding and most final of all, death. As that parade of people passed through my mind my first thought was to put a lot of pictures up tonight instead of writing anything at all, maybe it would bring some of your loved ones to mind… then I saw this video I made of my parents when they had their seventieth wedding anniversary, and it was the last one they had together as my dad died in May after their anniversary on New Year’s Eve.

Here it is, the quality of some of the pictures isn’t great but I hope you enjoy it!

One Reply to “I believe in yesterday”

  1. Pastor Harolene, how sweet, thanks for sharing. Seventy years, held together by God and love.

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