Depression anyone?

I am convinced that when Satan was defeated by Jesus death and resurrection he looked around for something that would defeat the body of Christ in a manner that would catch us off guard to the point that we would just be overcome with this damned thing and wilt like a flower that needs to be watered! There are obvious things that he could bring to us, but we recognize the obvious and can ignore him or tell him to go on back to hell and leave us alone! But, this depression thing is meant to kill us without us ever raising our hand to stop him.

I have recently talked with someone who was so depressed that she had not even brushed her teeth in three days! This is a person who was always impeccably groomed and would never go out of the house without full make-up, and here she is to the point that all she wants to do is lay down and sleep.

What causes this? Is it the reality of what is going on, or is it simply that we are not handling the mundane things that happen to everyone everyday?

I know that there are real reasons to be upset, such as: you just found out that you have cancer, you have a friend who is dying with some strange disease and there is no cure. What there is a cure for is your attitude! By allowing yourself to slide down the slippery slope of this dreaded disease of depression you are simply giving up and caving in to the devil’s great delight!

I heard something that really struck me, it was a commercial for a drug meant to relieve depression, and then the announcer quickly gives a list of the side effects in a tone that sounds like he is giving the weather report saying, “If you have feelings of suicide please tell your doctor”!!! Here you are taking a pill for anti-depression and now you have to fear feelings of suicide! That’s like drinking a glass of poison because you are dying of thirst!

As I have been typing, I felt something crawling in my hair and reached up to knock it out, what landed on my keyboard was a great big wasp! Needless to say I took measures to fix him and he is in the trashcan…completely dead! This is a good example I couldn’t have planned, the devil is like that wasp, he comes in on us while we are doing our every day chores, lands right on your head by getting in your mind and if you don’t brush him off you will find yourself stung with thoughts of suicide, worthlessness, feeling that you have made all the wrong choices for your life and feeling like “it is all over for you”. If you are having any of those feelings stand up, shake your fist in the devils face and tell him that “you have overcome him by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of your testimony” Revelations 12:11, and your testimony should be “Satan I don’t have to fight you, you are defeated by the Blood of Jesus and I know that no matter how bad things look, they will all work together for my good because I love the Lord and I am the called according to His purpose by the Word of God in Romans 8:28!”

Psalms 30:5 says, “weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning!” This is your morning!

4 Replies to “Depression anyone?”

  1. Test comes and when it goes, I have either a testimony or just the moanies. It is so important to nip it in the bud and don’t wait for a minor disappointment to grow to where it takes a truckload of Christians to pull me out of the ditch. I’m plagiarizing here…my Joyce-ism. But I learned so many life lessons at her knee, so to speak.

    Not to downplay real problems that do require meds, I’ve been there, but not sure it’s meant to be a lifetime solution.

    Hair spray works good on wasps.

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  2. First of all I will say…from experience unfortunately… that Medications don’t work!
    What pushed me into ‘depression’ wasn’t a medical imbalance of brain-chemistry… it was LIFE situations. And medications, or alcohol, or illegal drugs, or just ignoring the situation(s) will NOT make things better…
    It takes CHANGING the situations! If we cannot find the right way to make those changes…and seem unable to Hear God’s instructions for what to do…then we need someone to be “God’s Angel” and help guide us to the changes… OR Word from God that there is a lesson for us inside of our situation, and help finding that lesson.

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  3. This is just what my daughter needs. I will mail it to her as her depression is like this. Thanks sweet sister!

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