Is God deaf or do you just think He is?

Do you think God is deaf, or has a short attention span? Yeah, that’s it, a very short attention span, and somehow it sounds to me as if you think He has forgotten His name. I actually saw a post a few weeks ago where a person wrote how it would sound if we talked to each other the way we talk to God. It was funny but true, it was something like: (using my name here) “Haro just came to tell you Haro that there is so much trouble in my life Haro and Haro I need for you to come on the scene Haro and take care of my needs. Haro I need you to send angels to guard over me Haro and take care of my family”, and it went on, only the author had a much funnier scenario than the one I have just given to you! The reason this is on my mind is because of something I experienced yesterday, and believe me I am not making fun of anyone, truly I’m not, it’s just that I think it needs to be pointed out to those of us who need to talk with God on a daily basis and more often when we have an emergency.

I was called by someone who sounded in great distress because her spouse was having a difficult time breathing, she wanted me to come right over and I explained that I was about twelve miles away from home and couldn’t get there right away because of traffic but I would make arrangements for someone to come to them. Before I hung up I was asked to pray which I gladly did. I told God the situation, as if He didn’t know but I knew this person expected me to rehearse it to the Lord, then I started on my way to see about them while calling someone else to go and take them to Urgent Care while I was on my way to meet them. As soon as I walked into the little curtained area I was asked to pray again, so again I reminded God of what was going on, by now I knew He was a little tired of my redundancy and felt embarrassed but proceeded to explain in detail how important it was for Him to answer this prayer. My son, who had helped me by taking them there, was leaving since I was now able to take charge and as he was leaving he was asked to pray, yet again. This time it was on him to pray, but he did add a prayer for anyone else in Urgent Care who was in need of it whereupon I heard a voice from the curtained off area next to us say, “Amen”. My son left and then their son came in, as soon as he came in the room he was asked to pray, I obediently bowed my head as his mother gripped my arm and listened to yet another prayer for the same thing we had already prayed for, how many times now? Are you keeping count?

The doctor came in and told me I needed to take the patient to the Emergency Room to have some tests done that they were not equipped to do, I thanked him, got the paperwork and started to leave, you guessed it, I was once again asked to pray, I kid you not. I drove them to the hospital and around to the Emergency Room entrance where we were met by their son. I told them I needed to go home and asked their son to keep me updated on anything that needed to be done. Again the vice grip on my upper arm and the demand to pray. I said, “Well we have prayed about this several times already but OK,” I prayed, got in my van and as I was pulling out of the hospital parking lot I apologized to God for acting as if He were deaf, dumb, short minded, and didn’t care enough about us to hear our earnest and repetitive prayers on the behalf of this man.

I have changed the way I pray drastically, instead of telling God all the things I think He ought to know, I have realized that if He is aware when a sparrow falls to the ground and knows the number of hairs on my head then He knows that I am counting on Him for angel protection for my family and everything that we have need of, so I thank Him for it. After I have thanked Him and praised Him for His goodness, mercy and excellent kindness toward me and my family and call out the names of a few people for whom I have promised to pray every day I pray the way the Lord taught His disciples to pray and that prayer includes every single thing we need every single day!

Here’s the way to think of it, if your children woke up begging you to have food in the house and kept telling you how hungry they were going to be when they came home from school and continued to beg as if you had never, ever supplied any food for them, wouldn’t you be upset that they acted as if you had always neglected them? And yet that is exactly the way we approach God. God gives us the sun by day and the moon by night along with the stars, we have air to breathe and water to quench our thirst and wonderful vegetables that grow from the dirt and fruit that grows from brown wooden trees, in other words He sees to our needs. In the desert He fed the grumbling Children of Israel with manna and quail and supplied water when they needed it along with a cloud to shade the sun by day and a fire to warm them by night. You must remember that He is the very same God now as He was then and He still cares for each one of us, we are His children!

So reader, thank you for reading me reader, please come again reader and forgive my foolishness! I am smiling now J

3 Replies to “Is God deaf or do you just think He is?”

  1. Amen!! Sometimes in the midst of our fears and anxieties we forget that God knows what’s going on, before it happens, and that He hears our prayers the first time.

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  2. Prayer is such a strange thing. Probably natural to God, but strange to me at least. And yet comforting sometimes disturbing other times and a host of other things too. But it never ceases to be strange – to me at least.

    I could right a book on all the thoughts, feelings, and experiences I have had in prayer. I could write another book on all the things I have heard people say about it – and things they have written too. I don’t think most of these books would be terribly interesting, but perhaps some parts would be. Anyway, I want to react to your post here, but I assure you I am leaving out tons of stuff I would like to say, but for brevity sake… I wont. And yet, I will not dwell on just one thing either…

    I remember listening to an old pastor on the radio with a call-in-with-your-question show about 20 years ago. This guy called in and said, “Pastor, I have trouble staying awake when I pray…” The pastor gave lots of “practical” advice – good stuff mostly, but as a young Christian, I was embarrassed that this was a topic of conversation for public consumption! After all, praying (for an atheist) is a crazy talk that only the speaker hears (except when leading a prayer for others). And I figured non-believers would listen to this question and think: Yup! There it is! It would put me to sleep too!

    And then I was prompted (by God?) to consider the disciples in the Garden with Jesus as he prayed and they fell asleep. And these guys are the pillars of the church!!! They could not stay awake for even one hour. But Jesus was compelled to pray!!! He couldn’t stop if he tried. He was in no danger of falling asleep! And I realized, if you are the one in the lurch, you pray! There are no atheists in foxholes. And if you fall into the hands of a living God, your time will come! You too will pray!!!

    And Jesus prayed all night. This was actually a practice for him on previous nights too. Up ALL NIGHT talking to God! There is a high likelihood that he repeated himself – especially that last night! I think my prayer would be OH GOD! OH GOD!! OH GOD!!! Perhaps he was a bit more sophisticated. I really think he prayed prayers he had learned in Scriptures. Probably a lot of psalms and perhaps some from Isaiah and Moses. We know he prayed to God on the cross and quoted a bit of Psalm 22! This was the word that was on his heart daily, and he could quote probably all of it. His Spirit had written it already.

    This is why I make a practice of praying such passages myself. The “Lord’s Prayer” is a part of my routine, but I often add the Magnificat or the Song of Moses among others to that practice. I also bring my own daily life and needs to God too. My daily routine prayers often repeat mostly the same words and yet that routine is growing and takes me a solid 15 minutes if I am thorough (not counting other quick prayers and occasional prayers). And yet, I find that repeating these words, phrases and concerns daily over time they take on new dimensions. Sometimes the statement becomes a question. Sometimes the question becomes a statement.

    Have you ever read Psalm 88 all the way through? Did you know scholars call it “the psalm of no hope”? Read it. It is clear why they do. And the psalmist who wrote it (anonymous – not one of David’s) died with these words convicting God in the court of Job. In fact, a high percentage of the verses of that psalm are quotes from Job. And read the shrill questions in the mid section! “Do you work wonders for the dead? Will the dead rise up and praise You? Is your love known in Abbadon?” Sounds like a sassy teenager talking back to her parents, but it is far more serious and it is God, not a parent with a wayward child! AND this prayer made it into God’s Word! It is inspired! And it dies in a whimper!!!! There is no hope for the one who cries this cry.

    But that psalmist died probably a thousand years before Christ. And God has a long memory. For him that is like a day. And when he raised Jesus from the dead, that prayer got its answer! Those tough questions found their YES!!! And so it is actually the psalm of hope for the most despair! And some people suffer so bad or suffer so long or suffer so alone that they need that prayer. It is for them. And God does hear it – eventually.

    I have asked God to raise me at the final Judgment before he raises that psalmist. I want to go to her grave and see the look on her face when God says, I heard you; I care. The answer is YES! I want to see that!

    Did you ever read psalm 130? Did you know that when the Allies liberated Dachau, they found Psalm 130:1 scrawled on the gas chamber walls? Makes me cry to type this. Some soul in that gas chamber wrote it with her dying breath! “Out of the depths, I cry to you O Lord!”

    When you prayed for your friend the other day, you went behind the veil on her behalf. You said the words only the Spirit can groan. Your words repeated over and over were gibberish, but the groanings speak deeper than you know. That is ministry! You brought heaven to bear on a deeply fallen bit of earth! You were the bridge with outstretched arms – one nailed down in heaven and the other nailed down in pain. You took the Jesus posture and the world needs more of that! And if you are learning to speak that language – then take joy in it. You were awake and could not sleep, because your friend asked you to hold on to Jesus with one hand and hold on to her with the other!

    I am so blessed by that.

    Thanks for sharing.

    And remember, this is only one chapter in at least 2 books I could have written…


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    1. Wow my friend, thank you!! Back when I was in desperate need of help caring for my parents I found a two word prayer escaping my lips more times a day than I could count, it was simply saying Help Me! He did‼️❤️


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