Trust me, you Idiot!

Tonight I was talking to my son and asked him if he had an idea for the blog tonight, he immediately said, “Yes I do, write, “Trust me you idiot”! OK that sounds a little brash but knowing his mother I guess he thought I could come up with something, I did.

When we read God’s promises and try to claim them, or we feel God has spoken into our life either by a prophetic word or something we feel in our own spirit our first reaction is usually, “Is this really for me?” In prayer this week I was talking to God about something that I need wisdom on and I said, “God you opened the Red Sea for the Children of Israel when they were faced with the army of Pharaoh thundering down on them from behind and the mighty waters before. I need for you to open up the waters for me so I can escape the problems that are coming to me from behind. You did it for them and now I know you will do it for me.” Then I remembered the scripture, 1 John 5:15 “And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him.” That gave me comfort because I know that God hears my prayers, He has given me direct answers too many times for me to doubt it. Sometimes the answer comes circuitously, or may not arrive when you thought it should but it does come. I will give you an example.

When my daughter was born I thought that no one could have ever had a child as beautiful as she was, from the top of her head which was covered with black hair, to the tips of her tiny toes she was perfect. As she began to cut her teeth I noticed that there were little brown spots on them and asked the pediatrician about it. Long story short (I hope) was that I was in labor and nearly lost her at the time in my pregnancy when her tooth buds were forming, so by the time she was three years old those spots had decayed and her beautiful little smile was marred. As a mom it hurt when someone would point to her and ask what was wrong with her teeth. I began to pray and reminded God of having seen him straighten a young teen’s feet and legs who had been born with both feet clubbed, I had seen the miracle of a woman who was sent home to die with cancer of the stomach be completely healed by the power of prayer and we received a picture of her celebrating her 91st birthday, so I believed that God was going to give my little girl brand new teeth. Every morning I would go to her bed and pull her lips up fully expecting to see the miracle, and every time I was disappointed I would know that it would be “in the morning”. One morning as I lifted her lips I saw that her teeth were covered with blood, I got excited and thrilled because I just knew that under that blood was going to be a set of new teeth! I was again disappointed, the dentist confirmed that she had cut a jaw tooth during the night and for some reason it bled. I tried to find a dentist that would put caps on a child that young but there were none, until one day a lady and her little boy at church came to speak to me. When the child smiled I was astonished at how beautiful his little teeth were! I told the lady how beautiful I thought his smile was and she told me the teeth were caps! I got the name of that dentist and made an appointment! When he saw my daughter’s teeth he told me he would put caps on them but to be prepared because when damage like that happens the permanent teeth are also affected. My heart sank at those words but authorized him to go ahead with the work. When she walked out of the treatment room and smiled I burst into tears! There was the beautiful smile I wanted to see, and she was so proud! The dentist came out behind her and told me he would like to see me in his office. When I went in and sat down he put some X-Rays up to show me. He said, “I don’t know what has happened, but her permanent teeth are perfect, there are no spots or any reason to believe there will ever be any decay when they come in.” Wow, I knew exactly what had happened! My faith had been rewarded! God did indeed heal her teeth, the ones lying in her gums waiting to come down when those little ragged teeth came out! I told her, when she got old enough to understand, about the miracle teeth God had given her and told her it was now her responsibility to keep them that way by being healthy and have regular dentist appointments to have them cleaned and checked! They are still perfect!

I tell you that, and I know I have before, for you to see that God answers, it may not be like we expect, no I didn’t lift her lips and see perfect teeth, but I couldn’t see the creative miracle that was taking place within her gums.

I wonder if sometimes when we doubt God and whine and complain because we don’t have every little thing we ask for right away, if God wouldn’t like to take us by the shoulders and shake some sense into us by saying, “Trust me you idiot!”

Of course I don’t believe that God would use that language with us, but I’m pretty sure I have needed it a time or two, what about you?

2 Replies to “Trust me, you Idiot!”

  1. Reminds me of a lesson reiterated time and time again…by Billy Anderson, the founder of the School of Champions. I participated in Norcross at Landmark Church in the late 90s. Billy taught me about God’s humbling machine and would stop mid sentence, telling us, Write this down! We’d prepare to do just that, thinking it was a most prevalent NEW WORD, however, over and over again we were given the same directive. What he wanted us to retain through all that repetition was, “God is smarter than me.” I trust Him. Missed you yesterday, but I was indeed touched by the Masters Hand.

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