Did you lose something?

In Matthew chapters 13-14 Jesus tells His disciples the same thing four different ways, through the parable of the Sower, Weeds, Mustard Seed and the Yeast. Then He tells two more parables that are different, yet the same, the Parable of the Hidden Treasure and the Pearl. I think these are the ones I can better understand because losing something precious, something that can’t be replaced is a very sad thing. When my son was in the eighth grade it was with all the nerves of a mom watching her baby takes it’s first steps that I let him get on a bus and go with the eighth grade class on a trip to Disney World with enough money to buy extra snacks and a few treats in his pocket.  He enjoyed his trip and his homecoming was a very joyous time for me! When we got home and he unpacked his duffle bag he brought a little sack to me with a look of anticipation on his face as I peeked into it. Nestled in a few tissues and some cotton was a cardboard with a pair of earrings hanging from it. My heart sank at the sight of the price sticker they were $75.00! He explained they were so expensive because they had once belonged to another half Armenian, singer and entertainer, Cher! Needless to say that I cherish those earrings not because of who they belonged to or the price my young son paid for them but because he had taken money he could have used to have a good time to buy a present for me. One day I had worn them, had them on all day, when I went to take them out before I went to bed the left one was missing! My heart fell into the pit of my stomach! I couldn’t stand it I had lost one of the earrings!  I understood how something could be so precious that you would sell all you have in order to have it! God did that for us when He spent His own precious Son, let His very own creation, man, take the life of His son in a violent manner, and hung Him, in shame, on the Cross to pay for our salvation.  In John 14 we read about how John the Baptist was killed, as a birthday gift to the daughter of Herodias, whom he had confronted about her adulterous life style, she got her revenge on him. Then we find Jesus feeding the five thousand with only five leaves of bread and two fish! Think about it, do you realize that this is the same Jesus Who abides with us today? IT IS! Then He walked on the water! The disciples were again found on a boat with the waves dashing against them, He walked out on the water toward them and Peter, impetuous as usual, jumped out and was going to run to meet him, but seeing the rough, high waves he took his eyes OFF of Jesus and he sank!  Doesn’t that remind you of YOU? It certainly reminds me of ME! As good as God has always been to me and all the miracles I have ever seen, yet when trouble comes, it is easy to look at the trouble and NOT at Jesus, it’s so embarrassing to sink right in front of the Lord, proving that I was “oh ye of little faith!” When Jesus climbed up into the boat, the winds calmed down and they worshipped Him saying, “Truly you are the Son of God”, (excuse me for this, I cannot resist) I would have loved to hear Jesus say, “DUH! Who did you think I was all this time when I was dividing a small amount of bread and fish for five thousand to eat?” I would hope that if I had seen all the things the disciples were privileged to see, I would KNOW it for a fact, but I don’t want to judge the disciples, I just have to live each day walking on the water of my own life keeping my eyes DIRECTLY on Jesus and not the raging water of problems that are all around me.

Sometimes I do feel overwhelmed, like I am drowning, but He is always faithful to pull me out and set me over in the boat. I just want to get strong enough that one day when I jump out onto the water I will be able to walk all the way to Him and WALK back to the boat of my life by His side.

I pray that you also will learn to walk on the water, and by the way I FOUND my precious earring!IMG_1786

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