Reflections on what I heard today

I had a lot of driving to do today and during that time I chose to listen to the scriptures from Isaiah chapter 61 through Jeremiah Chapter 23. Are those my “go-to” scriptures? Hardly, however in listening to them I realized just how disappointed the “God-of-the-Angel-Armies” really was in the people He had chosen to favor. He had given them shelter from the sun during the hot desert days and a pillar of fire to give them light and get them through the cold desert nights. He gave them bread from heaven until they complained that they wanted meat, then he gave them quail that they did not have to go out and hunt, they just landed on the ground for them to pick up and cook! Neither their clothes or shoes showed any wear and tear for the whole time they were traveling, yet they complained about having to leave the leeks and garlic of the land in which they were slaves! Seems they forgot about that part. All God wanted was for them to recognize Him, instead they were carving gods out of pieces of wood, decorating them and then bowing down to worship them! Sticks are still sticks no matter how pretty you carve or decorate them they are still no more than a “scarecrow in a cabbage patch” and have no power to answer prayers.

In thinking about how they acted it is easy to feel a little superior and imagine what a “stand-up kind of guy” you would have been in that situation. If that applies to you then let me ask you a question, how many times do you choose to do something rather than go to a climate controlled church, sit your arse on a padded seat and listen to, be entertained by, some of the greatest musicians around, and then listen to (hopefully this is true in your church) an anointed Word from a great preacher? Did you think about it? What was your answer? Hey I’m not throwing any stones, I remember that for a whole year it was easier to stay home and listen to Jimmy Swaggart’s singers and hear his sermons rather than trying to get my mother to church, whether it was all together impossible, and I thought it was, I wonder if I should have made more of an effort? Who knows?

Now that I have bent your ear I am off my soap box and back in my recliner now and I just want to “lay me down to sleep” after I instruct my spirit to worship God while I am asleep and see if my dreams will lead me into green pastures so that my weary, thirsty soul can be restored, you with me?

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