For you I am praying

When I was the caretaker for my parents I talked about that a lot because if I am going through something maybe there are others who are also facing it and it helps to read that you are not the only one! I read things from others and it was encouraging to me. When my dad passed I talked about that, again someone could identify and then my mother’s problem with dementia, I know there are those who are in the middle of it. I guess those people read and maybe they don’t any longer because what I am talking about isn’t what they need, so my articles are like a Merry-Go-Round, read as long as it applies and jump off when you no longer identify with me!

My mother used to tell us, “If I start losing my mind please tell me, the last thing I want to do is not know things or forget things and not know it, so tell me, point it out to me so I can work on it!” When it started happening to her I would suggest crossword puzzles (which I dearly love to do) or reading. Before the beginning of the demise of her mind she would read the newspaper from the front page to the back, I mean she covered it. So we all knew something was wrong when she wouldn’t even walk out on the sidewalk to get it and when one of us brought it in she had no interest in reading it. When I would try to gingerly point it out to her she had excuses and was offended that I thought anything was wrong. So, I only told you that to say we don’t realize when we need help sometimes.

Right now I want to talk about depression; I was thinking about a lady I knew in her older years, a very gracious and soft-spoken southern lady. She was married to a minister who traveled and preached so the burden of raising six children fell on her small shoulders. After the last child was born she was very depressed, I guess now they would call it post-partum depression, back then it was just the baby blues, and one day she just snapped. She was changing the baby girl’s diaper when she took her in the kitchen, greased her up really good, put her in the roasting pan and stuck her in the oven at 350 degrees. Thankfully one of the older girls heard the baby crying and saw her mother just roaming around aimlessly, and she knew something was wrong and started toward the sound of the cry and located the baby in the oven, which was already pretty hot. No harm done to the baby and nothing was done for the mother except they “kept an eye on her” and had some of the other churchwomen to come in and help. I’m thinking if that happened now she would have been hospitalized and put on anti-depression drugs. By the time I knew the lady all of her children were grown and she had never had another incident, at least not that I heard. I thought what a terrible thing for her to have gone through with no one knowing how to help! I heard of another mother bathing her babies, there were two and she was pregnant with the third, dressing them in their night clothes and putting them to bed and then turning on the gas oven in the small two room house and laying down to die. Her husband was headed out of town on business when he suddenly had to urge to go back home, he didn’t even know why, that is until he got to the door and smelled the gas. He got them all out and saved their lives and again there was no action taken, life went on… Are any of you so depressed that you would do something like that? I’m thinking that someone that disturbed wouldn’t be reading this article right now.

So what is our responsibility? All we can do is to show love and if you notice are they are acting differently try to talk or intervene in a way that would help, outside of that, the best thing you can do and should be the first thing listed, is to pray for them! The way God sent the girl to find her baby sister in the oven and turned the husband around to go check on his wife He may be sending you to help someone in need of a prayer. When I say my prayers, because I promise so may people to pray for them, I call all the names I can remember and then I say, “Lord for any that I may have forgotten, I know that You know exactly who they are, so I stand in the gap and make up the hedge for them. If there is anyone in the world praying that doesn’t have someone to agree with them, let this prayer be the prayer of agreement they need right now, in Jesus’ name.”

Ezekiel 22:30 says, “And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.”

For you, my friend, I am praying.

2 Replies to “For you I am praying”

  1. This is so on point right now. My daughter and I have a friend that we’ve noticed definite habitual changes. We were just discussing what we could do, so this article is so on time. Thanks loads. GOD bless, have a good day.

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