Haste makes Waste

An old saying is “Haste makes waste,” meaning that when we act too quickly we are more likely to make mistakes and end up with poor results and something that happened recently is an example of just that, want to hear my story? After taking my grandson to school I made a right onto a main road when suddenly a young man passed me weaving in and out of the morning traffic trying to get ahead and then cut in front of me to make a left turn! As it turned out we were both going to Chick Fil A and he was ahead of me, no problem. We both pulled around to the double drive thru and a morning miracle was that there were no cars in line so we could both pull through at the same time! The problem was he was trying to get in front of me again and crashed head-on into the big yellow concrete pole that separates the two lanes hitting it so hard that his bumper was smashed into his tire and the car was completely disabled! Again, this young man’s haste made him late to the Post Office (was wearing a postal uniform!)

When we make a hasty decision we can make a big mistake. The Shepherd King cried out in Psalm 31:22 In panic (haste) I cried out, “I am cut off from the LORD!” But you heard my cry for mercy and answered my call for help. Again in Psalm 116:9-11 I’m striding in the presence of GOD, alive in the land of the living! I stayed faithful, though bedeviled, and despite a ton of bad luck, despite giving up on the human race, saying, “They’re all liars and cheats.” At this point I will admit to you that I have said the exact same thing myself and it leads me to taking a little side trip here to say, “People, stop, look, and listen to what all the politicians are saying and look at their record, don’t let slick speech and a side step fool you. Our country is going to hell in a hand basket; we are becoming a poor third world country. We were promised change and we sure did get it, and it’s not the change those that voted for the change expected I fear. You can’t vote a party, or attend a church because of the label on the sign outside.  But I digress. Proverbs 14:29 Slowness to anger makes for deep understanding; a quick-tempered (hasty) person stockpiles stupidity. I am very glad that God isn’t always hasty in His decisions concerning me! Psalm 103:6-8 God makes everything come out right; he puts victims back on their feet … God is sheer mercy and grace; not easily angered, he’s rich in love. He doesn’t endlessly nag and scold, nor hold grudges forever. He doesn’t treat us as our sins deserve, nor pay us back in full for our wrongs. Proverbs 16:32 Moderation is better than muscle, self-control better than political power.

What have we learned? It’s better to be slow to judgments, slow to anger! Whatever decision you are in the midst of making, whether it is personal, political, or choosing church leadership remember that haste makes waste!

One Reply to “Haste makes Waste”

  1. I have absolutely no memory of doing such a terrible thing Leah and I remember you as being a worshipper. I can’t imagine what would elicited that from me. If I indeed did such a thing I am not just sorry I am dreadfully and most sincerely sorry and apologize and ask for you to forgive me. I take this from you because I know you would have no reason to lie about it I just wish I could remember why? Please forgive me. I know that hurt once dealt is not easy to forgive and harder to forget but I’m so sorry. Harolene


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