It’s not always the way you want it

When you think God is not speaking to you have you ever considered that it could be that you just don’t want to hear what it is He is saying to you? We pray and ask God for an answer but somehow we already have in mind how we want the answer to look, now isn’t that true? Something I have talked about before comes to my mind I will share it again. When my daughter was born I thought she was the most beautiful child that had ever come into the world with her headful of black hair, long eyelashes, tiny arched brows and little pink bow of a mouth. I could stare at her for hours counting her fingers and toes, admiring the olive tone of her skin and eyes that turned brown almost immediately. As she grew and her teeth began to come in it wasn’t long before the tiny pearls began to look odd to me. There were brown spots on them! I showed the doctor and he told me that her teeth buds had been damaged in the fifth month of my pregnancy and asked if I remembered being sick. I didn’t have to think about it, I remembered it well. In helping a young lady plan her wedding in close quarters as she coughed and blew her nose suffering with the flu, it wasn’t long before the germs she had shared with me had me coughing with a high fever, diarrhea and unable to keep anything down. At the height of it I started having contractions. That was on December 17. As I lay in that old green plastic recliner my dad came and laid his great big hand on my belly and prayed asking God to stop those contractions. The next morning the doctor checked me, gave me fluids and then told me that the baby was going to be born soon because it had moved into the birth canal. I panicked. He gave me some instructions and told me he would see me in his office at my next appointment if I made it that long. Knowing that the baby wasn’t due until the last week of February or first week of March I knew that would be disastrous. Long story short, my daughter not only didn’t come too early to live, she was two weeks late and I had to have labor induced! When my dad prayed for her to stay in place he did a good job. However during that time was when her teeth buds were being formed and they were deformed. I believed in creative miracles and would pray to see her teeth completely restored. Every morning when I awoke I would pull her lip up and look, no the same little teeth that were rotting out of her mouth. To bring this to a quicker finish I will tell you that the dentist I took her to put beautiful little white caps on those teeth but he told me that her permanent teeth would be the same way because the tooth buds were harmed, yes I told him I knew that already. When he finished he took X-rays of her mouth, in a few minutes he sent his nurse out to bring me to his office where I went and saw him looking at those negatives hanging there on the lighted panel. He pointed to a place for me to look, there I could see what looked like teeth, he said they were her permanent teeth and there was no sign that they would be anything but perfect! I began to cry and told him that I had prayed for God to restore her teeth and He had answered that prayer, not in the way I had asked but in a way that is still there today. My daughter has beautiful teeth that are perfect with the little genetic space between her two front teeth. It was the creative miracle I had asked God to perform, He did it!

When you ask God for an answer, don’t tell Him how to do it, just ask for a solution and then relax and see what happens. His solutions are always much better than we could ever even imagine! 1 Corinthians 2:9 But as it is written: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

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