My embarrassing day at the doctor!

Here’s the reason I didn’t know it was so bad, I have a problem with empathizing with people, example; A few years ago I went to visit a lady in the hospital who had varicose vein surgery. As I stood at the foot of her bed and listened as she described how they had “stripped” her veins while my eyes fastened on her legs encased in elastic stockings I felt a weakness in my legs and had to leave before I was on the floor. Then when a man I went to see who had open-heart surgery pulled his shirt open to show me where they had cut him from his throat all the way down the middle of his chest I felt like I was having a heart attack myself. It happens all the time. So for the past few weeks I have been involved with a friend who has the “worst case of shingles “ the doctor had ever seen. I felt sorry for him and his wife as they are missionaries and are currently in the Philippines ministering, he with his affected arm in a sling. I have another friend who had shingles and went to the doctor in time to catch it before there was nerve damage and on top of that my cousin wrote a message to me asking for prayer as she was in terrible pain and couldn’t sleep, having been misdiagnosed the shingles had not been caught in time and so it is taking a long time for them to begin healing. Long story short, when I began to have symptoms last Sunday night I thought I had “gone mental” and was feeling their pain. As the week went on and the pain was so severe that I couldn’t sleep at night I began to wonder what was really wrong with me, and then Saturday my left thigh, where the pain had been all week, had broken out in a rash. I was still not convinced until this morning when my backside began to itch and burn in a couple of spots, so I took a look in the mirror and sure enough there were two big patches of rash. I decided to go to the Urgent Care to get seen about quickly and though the best thing to do was wear shorts so I wouldn’t have to pull anything up or take anything down in order for the doctor to see my problem areas. That’s where I was wrong! Not only one doctor, but two made me pull my shorts down to view my backside. I was totally embarrassed and wondered if they were deciding whether they could show home movies on it, or not!

When I did a little researching I found that being under stress makes getting shingles more likely, really!

There’s one good reason to heed the Word of God, 1 Peter 5:7 tells us to “Cash all your care upon Him for He cares for you!”   Note to self, don’t worry, be happy, and cast all your cares on the Lord!

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