Let me repeat something funny!

I came across this and it made me laugh out loud, I posted it on 1-3-14 and couldn’t resist sharing my idiocy with you tonight! Happy New Year all over again!

My dad was not fond of red hair, he loved my mother’s blonde hair when her married her and wanted it to stay that way. She often told me how he had asked her if “there was some kind of soap” she could use to keep it blonde…oh the innocence of some men! I was an apprentice at “Rubinelle’s”, who is now hairdresser to the angels I am sure. I started as a “shampoo girl” and then she let me learn the techniques of doing perms and color. I had a perfect guinea pig at home… my mother! She loved for me to cut, color, anything I did was fine with her just as long as I kept her hair one of the many shades of blonde that Miss Clairol made back in the ’60’s. On the occasion of my parent’s 25th anniversary I decided to give her a special hair-do with one of the new colors, it was “Tahitian blonde”. It sounded exotic and since she was wearing her original wedding dress and was going to surprise my dad by wearing it at midnight at the “watch night” service I was excited to make it the most beautiful it had ever been! My dad went on to the church early to get things set up as I was taking mother out from under the hair dryer, that was before the days of the blow-dry hair, these styles were “wrapped, teased and lacquered”. To my great surprise when I brushed out her hair to begin the teasing and forming of curls we saw that her hair was really a bright red, not blonde at all! I panicked and then we started laughing, what in the world could I do to fix it? I came up with a solution; I found a shaker bottle of Johnson’s baby powder and started shaking it into her hair! We put so much baby powder in her hair that when she walked across the room a small cloud was following her, however the white powder did calm the red tones into an acceptable shade of golden blonde, believe it or not so that by the light of the candles at the church you couldn’t see how red it really was! The next day was New Year’s Day but the Plaza Drug Store was open 24/7 including holidays so with a $20. bill that daddy gave me to “get it fixed” off we went to purchase a new color. Those are things that are horror stories when they happen but through the years become funny.  I am telling you this for a reason, do want to know what it is?  Let me begin by saying that usually everything I do works for me! Anything I have ever tried has always turned out for the good, maybe the red curls was the exception but since I did find a solution I would say even that worked… so this week I hinted to you that I would be trying something new and indeed started by leaving a big pile of black hair on my bathroom sink… I didn’t stop there. I decided that for the new year I wanted to leave my natural color of black, which has decidedly silver roots with advancing age, and bleach my hair completely out to white, silver, whatever you want to call it. Sounds like a good, albeit daunting task but been there done that was not scared in the least. I went to Sally’s Beauty supply and bought 3 packets of bleach and 40-volume peroxide and came home to start my transformation. First surprise, it didn’t bleach all the way up even after 2 hours, second surprise, it was a nice peach color with basically yellow roots. So I got my scissors back out and cut off all the peachy apricot ends, more hair on the sink and was left with light yellow hair which is not great if you have olive complexion like I have! Back to the beauty supply, more bleach, more disastrous results, more bleach, toner, peroxide in shampoo until I have a nice light Easter egg color of hair which is quite short so there will be no pictures posted for a while! Now the funny thing is this, my children have been gone all week to Disney in Orlando so they don’t know this has been going on, I declined their face time calls because I do have a bad cold and told them I wasn’t wearing any makeup and looked horrible, explanation accepted! So when they come in tomorrow evening there will be gasps of horror and probably rolling on the floor laughter. Hey it’s only hair and hair grows. This is a mistake that time will take care of and we will laugh about… some mistakes are not so easily swept under the rug. Don’t do drugs, don’t drink and drive, don’t go “hooking up” with people and risk an STD or unwanted pregnancies or giving up a piece of your soul to someone who will only throw it away. Let this be the year that you think before you leap and make good decisions based on the Word of God. I won’t die a horrible death or haven’t doomed myself for eternity because I have ruined a perfectly good head of hair… in other words I won’t go to hell I just look like it!

2 Replies to “Let me repeat something funny!”

  1. Harolene, I have laughed and laughed this morning as I read this posting. OH MY GOSH, it was better than sitting on the front row at the movie theater watching the FUNNIEST EVER movie on the BIG SCREEN with my popcorn in one hand and a coke in the other. I felt I was right in the room as your BIGGEST Supporter and Encourager as you chopped, clipped and snipped all your hair off. I could see me “rooting” you on as you kept going back and forth to the Beauty Supply Store for more products in order to get that perfect RED look. 🙂 Honestly, I know me well enough to know I would have jumped in the car with you headed to the color store.

    The story of mother and the story of YOU…what a perfect “Hair Storm” for a great movie and story! Hahahaha! I can picture the faces and hear the comments of the family as they saw that gorgeous head of red. Well, you know what I’m trying to say here….:-) What a story! Thank you for the much needed belly laugh this morning. You KNOW my love for RED HAIR. I’ve been dying mine now for so many years that I’ve lost count and can’t even imagine my hair being any other color. I’m the biggest supporter of RED HEADS and say so proudly, “RED HEADS ROCK!” So, girl…I love you even more because you DARED to come over to the RED SIDE and join the club. Just knowing that makes you a SUPER STAR in my book!

    Next time…send me a picture! I promise NOT TO Laugh too much! LOL

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  2. Thank you my Red headed friend! We would have probably laughed so much we would have never finished the job!


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